Manila Day

24 June Date in Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Each year, Filipinos celebrate the founding anniversary of the city of Manila which is the capital city of the country. This is celebrated on the 24th of June each year. During this day, various activities are held in the capital city and is spearheaded by the Mayor. The city declares the day as a special public holiday for the city wherein schools, private offices, and government agencies are closed. Down below are more interesting and useful information about this special day.Manila Day

What is Manila Day?

Manila Day celebrates the anniversary of the foundation of Manila city. It is located in mainland Luzon at the National Capital Region. It has 16 districts composed of Tondo, Santa Mesa, Santa Cruz, Santa Ana, San Nicolas, San Miguel, San Andres, Sampaloc, Quiapo, Port Area, Pandacan, Paco, Malate, Intramuros, Ermita, and Binondo.

The Mayor of the city appoints various officials to oversee the many different activities conducted for this special day. Although the city celebrates a public holiday, other parts of the country do not consider the day as a holiday. However, they also celebrate their own founding anniversaries on a different day.

History of Manila Day

On June 24, 1581, Manila city was proclaimed by Spain as the capital city of the Philippines where the first government of the country was established. It was first named Foundation Day. But in 1963, Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas changed the name to Manila Day. Ever since this day, the city celebrates its foundation day each year in the grandest way possible.

Manila is considered to be the home of the country’s many government agencies and prominent companies and businesses. The country’s central government agency containing the President’s office is also located in this city. The place is called the Malacanang Complex.

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When is Manila Day?

Manila Day is celebrated each year on the 24th of June. This year, the celebration will be held on June 24.

Celebration of Manila Day

Since this is the celebration of the capital city’s founding day, people celebrate the special day in many different ways. Even before the day itself, various preparations are done so that people can enjoy the day as much as possible. Here are some activities conducted during Manila Day.

Food Feasts

Just like in other parts of the country, celebrating a feast such as this will always involve feasting of foods. Each house in Manila prepare their own foods they call “handaan”. The rich people celebrate in the grandest way possible by providing extravagant foods such as “lechon”. It is not required to celebrate grandly and prepare so many foods. Even with tiny bits of food catered, as long as people commemorate the city’s founding anniversary, then the celebration of the day is well spent.

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Outstanding Government Employees

The Mayor of the City also awards the outstanding government employees for the year. This serves to recognize the excellent people who dedicated so much time and effort in their work for the betterment of the city. It also serves as an inspiration to the citizens of the city to do better in their respective jobs.

Outstanding Educators

Manila city values education so much. In fact, a lot of the most well-known universities in the country are located in the city. Actually, many students from the provinces go to city to study for a period of time. Because of this, the Mayor values education and recognizes the most outstanding educators for the year. It hopes to inspire more teachers to do good in their jobs.

Miss Manila

Beauty pageants are staple activities in the Philippines, be it a local celebration or a national one. No doubt the Philippines usually dominate worldwide beauty pageant competitions. Within Manila, a beauty pageant called Miss Manila is held to showcase the most beautiful women of Manila who got not only beauty but also intelligence, kindness, talent, and good advocacies for the city and the country.

Talent Competitions

Talent competitions are also staple activities during the Manila Day. People who dance or sing well join these competitions to showcase their talents and impress and entertain people. But it is not just singing or dancing. Other kinds of talents are showcased as well in these festivities.

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