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March 4 National Grammar Day

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National Grammar day There are many occasions when true Americans openly celebrate and enjoy their day in the remembrance or memory of their history. Every American has the courtesy to gather along with each other at schools, in the community, workplaces, and almost everywhere to perform activities or enjoy holidays together. Therefore, we are also bound to not only spend these days in remembrance but also to educate children at schools and homes where they would know what their obligations are to fulfill. Therefore, days like the national Grammar day are not found in ancient times but this day is very important to the Americans since it would enhance their vocabulary and improve their grammar skills in all ways after every year.

This day is very important and plays a big role in teaching the new generation about their language. Over the past many years, there have been many changes in the language until it stopped when it reaches its accuracy. If you do not know what to do to improve your English skills rather than giving exams and courses, this would also be a very beneficial way to help yourself.

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After the year 2008, when this day was found by Martha broken burgh, every year we let our inner intelligent selves out and fix our grammatical mistakes. The motto is “It’s not only a date, but it’s also an imperative: March forth on March 4 to speak well, write well, and help others do the same” this particular day is set to help others and build up a stronger economy with more education. Therefore, we spend this day learning our grammatical mistakes, proofreading our correspondence.

Martha is the founder who was also the founder of society for the promotion of good vocabulary and grammar. This helps a lot in everyday life when you speak; there is an enormous difference between grammar in the new generation since so many of new words are being transformed by teenagers who have started to dismantle the whole language. Therefore, this day has a big benefit over the Americans since they can easily correct their mistakes such as let’s play, dad rather than let’s play dad. There is a big difference between these grammatical phrases, which destructs the meanings.

The incredible feeling of satisfaction

When you start to proofread your own mistakes and finding out the right word to use such the difference between their and there. For example, you are forced to write a letter, application or even a text message to someone; you should have enough vocabulary and right grammar to use to sound formal and obedient. When you fix your grammar, you realize that you are doing the right thing and you acknowledge that you are not making mistakes, which makes you way more confident, and bold enough nevertheless, staying self-esteemed is never a negative aspect.

When you go over your mistakes, you remember your old times when you used to go to school, and you start missing your school life, which is always the best time of a person, which he or she realizes later. This also encourages you always to help your children as well and teach them the right thing so they would not have to be ashamed in front of anyone else. You always wish your children to be the best version of yourself correct?

Word writing text Proofread Spelling Grammar Accuracy


When you do write something, you always read it, again and again, to make sure, if you have written the right thing or not. If you are a teenager, you must have read your texts repeated times to make sure, if you have got the right word or not because you cannot afford to risk your respect with someone else. In this sort of situation, you must have felt unintelligent and realize that you need to go back to your books and learn more. However, you do not have to worry about this since 2008. Now you will not take so much time figuring out if you have written lay and lie at the right place.

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No one is perfect!

Now you need to realize that not everyone is perfect in the Grammar, neither me. Even one of your favorite authors and writers make mistakes. However, if you read books, you must have found mistakes on the book and must have had a big smile at your face. Therefore, that is the reason that this day is kept in a year when you need to go over your mistakes and fund out the right thing. The fact you need to realize is, when newspapers are published, they are reviewed by several people and software to ensure it is accurate. Let us touch the reality; I know I have made a mistake. Furthermore, I go over all of my writings, I find no mistakes, but I am sure that I have made a mistake and only a few people would be able to recognize it.

Since you know that no one is perfect with grammar, you must have realized the importance of this national grammar day. You can do many activities on this day with your family, friends, colleagues and even your neighbors. You can always find many different types of activities such as having a grammar party by asking the funniest mistakes ever made by people. Alternatively, you can also go over newspapers and books or articles with a pen and find as much as mistakes you can.

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Alternatively, you can also take it in a much-excited way if you find it boring, you can simply gather your friends at your place and simply start debating in English at an interesting topic. This would also help you improve your grammar and enjoy at the same time. This is the best and intriguing way to learn for the people who use their second language as English. This would not only build up their grammar, but it would also help them build confidence and help them build their accent as well.

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Rear view of a puzzled student in front of a huge blackboard written with chalk english grammar parts of speech

One of the most common mistakes is to put an apostrophe in the sentences, as people over time forget to use them when they get free from school life. The writers also take advantage of this day by learning from others and teaching them as well. They also communicate and explain the use of apostrophes, comma, and other facts. It is not easy to learn all the skills at once. Therefore it is meant to be celebrated every year, so everyone would learn a little every year because that would make a difference for sure. This day is very significant, as it would help improve people every year: one actual Mignon Fogarty, technical writer and author of several books on grammar usage and effective writing.

This is the best opportunity also to help immigrants who have been making a living there. This would also be very exciting for them to engage in activities. People would also be aware of it, and it would spread more and more causing people to indulge in activities. This would also gain interest in the sight of the teenagers as well as in schools to develop more skills and exciting ways to teach students.

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