National Hug a Bear Day

November 7th National Hug a Bear Day

The National Hug a Bear Day is celebrated every 7th of November each year. This day aims to make people understand the importance and benefits of hugging. People should not hug only their stuffed teddy bears but also one another. Hugging gives us comfort, warmth, and the feeling of being loved. Hence, the National Hug a Bear Day is the ideal time for you to hug both your lovely teddy bears as well as the people that you care for in your life.

About the National Hug a Bear Day

During the National Hug a Bear Day, people conduct various activities that allow them to achieve the objectives of the day. For one, people hug their partners in life, their siblings, parents, best friends, and other relatives. People also take advantage of this celebration to buy a teddy bear for themselves or for their loved ones. They will hug the bear they purchased for themselves or provide someone a bear to hug. People also shout out on social media how happy they are in celebrating this special and unique day.

Bear Hug Day


Unfortunately, even with extensive research on this topic, we are not sure how the National Hug a Bear Day began. We are not even sure who founded this day. But still, we can make a good guess as to why such day was founded – perhaps a person or a group of people thought that we humans should hug not only our teddy bears but also each other. We must do so in order for us to get all the benefits of hugging.


As mentioned earlier, the National Hug a Bear Day is celebrated every November 7 each year. This means that the upcoming National Hug a Bear Day will be held on November 7.

Why Celebrate

The main reason why you should celebrate this day is that this is your perfect opportunity to give a hug to someone you care for in your life. They may be your parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, best friends, or your other relatives. This may also be the time for you to make amends with someone you had an argument or misunderstanding with. Giving each other a hug will mean that you are now in peace with each other. There’re similar love holidays as well known as the National Girlfriend Day & Wife Appreciation Day.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the National Hug a Bear Day as best as it can be:

  • Early in the morning, after waking up, give the person next to you a tight and sincere hug. You can also give your teddy bear that same hug.
  • Give your parents and other family members hugs and kisses.
  • Buy a teddy bear from the stuffed toy shop so that you can have something to hug later at night.
  • Go to the zoo and see some real bears. But of course, never attempt to hug them!Bear Hug Day

Messages and Greetings

  • Wishing you warm hugs and lots of because it is Hug a Bear Day and you are the sweetest bear of my life….. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.
  • It is truly magical that when you hug some people, you feel so happy and calm and to me you are that special one….. Happy Hug a Bear Day to you.
  • On the occasion of Hug a Bear Day, I just want to hug you tight because you are the one I love the most and without your hugs this day will be incomplete for me.
  • I love Hug a Bear Day because it encourages all of us to hug the ones we love so that we can bring more happiness to our lives.
  • I want to celebrate Hug a Bear Day everyday with you because just by hugging you, everything seems so fine to me.
  • I am sending a beautiful hug to the person who is the cutest bear to me….. Happy Hug a Bear Day to you my dear.
  • No teddy bear has even been as cute as you…. And I want to celebrate Hug a Bear Day by hugging you tight and not letting you go anywhere.
  • Today on Hug a Bear Day, I want to promise you that you will always be my cuddly bear for the rest of my life…. Love you!!!
  • A very Happy Hug a Bear Day to the friend whose hugs are the best…. May you always surprise me with your warm hugs.
  • Baby you are as cute, as sweet, as adorable, as warm and a teddy bear and on Hug a Bear Day, I just want to hug you and keep you in my arms for long.
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