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National Pecan Cookie Day

September 21st National Pecan Cookie Day

Do you love cookies? If so, which one of them do you like because there are just hundreds, or maybe even thousands of cookie varieties available. How about the pecan cookie? Have you ever heard of that one? Have you known that people are so in love with this cookie because of just how unique and delicious it is? Whether you say yes or not, you must not miss the celebration of the National Pecan Cookie Day which is held every 21st of September every year.

About the National Pecan Cookie Day

Pecan is a tree nut coming from the same family as the walnut. Pecans are great sources of healthy fats, antioxidants, and proteins. They can help you reduce cholesterol. There are over 1000 varieties of pecan all over the world.Pecan Cookie Day

During the National Pecan Cookie Day, people conduct various activities that let them achieve the objectives or purposes of the celebration. For one, people try to make their own pecan cookie with varieties such as butter pecan, orange pecan, caramel pecan, or maple pecan cookie. Other people prefer to order some pecan cookies from the bakery or pastry shop. People also shout out on social media how they are participating in the celebration of the event.


Pecan is an Algonquian term which means a nut requiring a stone to get cracked. Pecan is a member of the hickory family. It is native in southern and central USA.

With limited knowledge about the origins of pecans, even less is known about the history of the National Pecan Cookie Day. We don’t know when, where, and how it began. We also don’t have a clue as to who founded it. But still, we can make a good guess as to why such event was established in the first place. Perhaps a person or a group of people thought that pecan cookies are much loved by the people. They must have then thought that it deserves a spot in the list of food holidays celebrated every year.


As mentioned earlier, the National Pecan Cookie Day is celebrated every 21st of September each year. This means that the dates of celebration for this event are as follows:

  • Monday, September 21,
  • Tuesday, September 21,
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022
  • Thursday, September 21, 2023
  • Saturday, September 21, 2024
  • Sunday, September 21, 2025

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of the National Pecan Cookie Day as best as it can be:

Make Some Delicious Pecan Cookies

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this day is to make some delicious pecan cookies. You only need to prepare all the needed ingredients, which are readily available in the supermarket and grocery stores (good for you), and then whip up the cookies for baking.

Order Some from the Bakery

Another good idea for your celebration of this wonderful day is to order some pecan cookies from the bakery or pastry shop. For sure, these stores will be offerings lots of these breads during or even before the event because they expect that a great demand for this pastry will come due to the celebration. Just make sure to buy one or some from a bakery or pastry shop that offers delicious pecan cookies. A renowned pastry shop or bakery will do. This alternative is best for people who want to indulge themselves into some delicious pecan cookies yet they do not have the time to make some for themselves.

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Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #NationalPecanCookieDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day. Let them know that such a celebration takes place every year and also how fun you are enjoying your day.pecan cookie day


  • Cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite sized and personal. – Sandra Lee
  • A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. – Barbara Johnson
  • Baking cookies is comforting, and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. They are very bite-sized and personal. – Sandra Lee
  • People have got to learn: if they don’t have cookies in the cookie jar, they can’t eat cookies. – Suze Orman
  • The pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble. – Michael Korda
  • A cookie a day keeps the sadness away. An entire jar of cookies a day brings it back. – Anonymous
  • Cookies are happy, because that is their job. Making those you know, and don’t know happy. They tell people you care. – Brent M. Jones
  • I was dramatically shaped by my aunts and grandmother because they convinced me there was always a cookie available. – Newt Gingrich
  • I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas. But what I decided was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life. – Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • It is funny how I knew those cookies were going to save the night, I guess I just didn’t know whose. – Becca Anderson
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