Singles Awareness Day

15 February Singles Awareness Day History, Facts, Celebrations

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated every year on February 15, a day after the famous Valentine’s Day. The antithesis to Valentine Day, Singles Awareness Day (SAD) celebrates all the people who are single and not in romantic relationships.

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Celebrated every year on February 15, Singles Awareness Day presents a great opportunity for single people to proudly stand up, plan your own fun party, and show the world that it’s OKAY to be single. The day reminds single people that not being in a relationship is a time of your life that has the right to be celebrated just as much as the times when you are dating someone.

Happy peoples on Sad Boy Singles Awareness Day

All You Need To Know About Singles Awareness Day

Date:  February 15, (Single Awareness Day)

Significance: National Singles Awareness Day; the celebration of being single

Also called: National Singles Day, SAD, Singles Day, Singles Appreciation Day

Observed by: Single people in many countries

Observances: Enjoying your own company, gifting yourself flowers or chocolates, dining alone

*Do you know? In the United States, Single Awareness Day is celebrated on 22 September, in the United Kingdom on 15 February, and 11 November in China.

What Is Singles Awareness Day?

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated on 15th February. The day is actually a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day holiday, purely dedicated to enjoying being single. Also known as National Singles Day, the day celebrates people who are not in love relationships.

On the whole, Singles Awareness Day provides single people an option in contrast to Valentine’s Day on 15th of February every year.

What Does Singles Awareness Day Mean?

February 15 marks Singles Awareness Day. The SAD abbreviation of Singles Awareness Day proposes that singles are most likely depressed on Valentine’s Day, but singles must realize that their lives can still be AWESOME with or without a partner.

The day gives single people a special day of their own and reminds them that they don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate life.

Who Created Singles Awareness Day?

Unlike Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day does not have any deep historical roots. Instead, the holiday has been formed in this modern century to provide single people with an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Every year, on Singles Awareness Day, single individuals gather to celebrate or to sympathize in their single status.

*Do you know? According to Census figures, over half of all Americans, ages 16 and older, are single!

How To Celebrate Singles Day?

15th February Singles Awareness Day gives single people a special day to celebrate their ‘singleness’. Common activities during include singles’ gathering and parties, traveling, treating oneself to entertainment activities, and flower-giving for oneself. For all those single people out there, here are some amazing ideas to celebrate Singles Awareness Day in a unique style:

Wearing Green or Black outfits – Single people should try wearing green or dark colored outfits on this Anti-Valentine’s Day. Reason? Green is the complementary opposite of red, and black is a statement of Anti Valentine sentiments.

Partying with Single Friends – You can plan a party or gather with your single friends. Throw a mix-and-mingle party on 15th February and have memorable FUN!

Having a Night Out – Another best thing to do on Singles Day is going out and having a night on the town. This could mean going shopping, heading to the theatre and enjoying the latest blockbuster, going to a theme park or any other entertainment attraction.

Sending yourself Flowers or Chocolates – Let’s do something nice for yourself on Singles Awareness Day. Would those beautiful flowers brighten your workplace? Why not buy yourself a box of delicious chocolates? It’s your day!

Giving Gifts to other Single Friends – Expecting you are not the unlucky single person in a gathering full of couples, National Singles Day can be a great day to give gifts to your single friends. You can organize a gift exchange or even plan an Anti-Valentine’s Day theme!

Getting a Massage – Singles Awareness Day is all about treating yourself like a Royal, so why not get a soothing massage? Getting a massage is a perfect way to love yourself and while you are at it, don’t forget to get a manicure, pedicure, and facial as well.

Write Yourself an Appreciation List – You can also take a moment and list at least top 20 or top 10 things you appreciate about yourself.

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Singles Awareness Day Quotes, Messages, Status

  • I believe it’s exceptionally beneficial to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not characterized by someone else.
  • Such a large number of ladies devote themselves completely to romance since they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that.
  • It takes a strong person to stay single in a world that is familiar with settling with anything just to state they have something.
  • Pray for love, hope for love, wish for love, dream for love… in any case, don’t put your life on hold sitting tight for love.
  • If you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness originates from the inside, not from men.
  • I’m not single. I’m not taken. I’m just on reserve for the person who deserves my heart.
  • Being single doesn’t mean you’re powerless. It means you’re sufficiently able to wait for what you deserve.

Singles Awareness Day: Celebrated a day after Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day (15th February) is a day that is purely dedicated to single people around the world. This event is held by single people who were simply sick of feeling left out on V-Day.

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