Singles’ Day

November Singles' Day in China

As far as the grounds of the Singles Day is concerned then it is based on a story. Walk through the whole article and find out the best information about November Singles’ Day in China.

As its name proposes, Singles’ Day is based on lone men and single ladies. While this occasion is intended to be a happy event for unmarried youngsters, Singles’ Day additionally attracts thoughtfulness regarding different dating-related issues.

In Mandarin, this occasion is alluded to as Guanggun Jie or Singles’ Festival. A few people in China and different territories of the world consider the occasion Bachelors’ Day. Because of business impact by Alibaba, the occasion has additionally turned out to be known as Double 11, or Shuang Shi’yi. This is on the grounds that the famous occasion is seen on November 11 every year.

Singles Day is an occasion happens once in a year in which single individuals can praise their “singleness”. Actually, it is a push-back against the Valentine’s Day, in which a great deal of weight is set on individuals to discover a mate as well as to purchase the ideal blessing – which as a rule includes blooms or adornments. This day is normally celebrated on 15 February every year, So, the single Day is a kind of protest of the singles against the couples.

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History of Singles Day

A huge number of people are agreed on that Singles’ Day was initially celebrated at the Nanjing University of China. As indicated by prevalent thinking, understudies at Nanjing began a celebration to praise their lives as lone rangers. The celebration was made amid the 1990s. The particular insights concerning the establishing of the celebration are vague, however, there are few essential hypotheses.

Hypothesis: There is a famous tale that around four male Nanjing understudies that played mahjong together at Mingcaowuzhu at a residence. while playing these games, the students would talk about their desires for what’s to come. They all concurred that they might want to have lady friends. A few variations of the story explain that these students had this discussion while playing the game on the 11th of November. Besides, the winning tiles for most of the games on this day (11 November) were ones. These 4 students of Nanjing University of China accepting this incident as a hint of something to look forward to about their single ways of life and framed Guanggun Jie or Singles Day.

This day was originated from the Chinese university named as the Nanjing University. The majority of individuals agreed that this day was initially observed at Nanjing University. As per the well-known faith, students of Nanjing University began this holiday to observe their lifestyle as singles. The particular information about the creation of the holiday is uncertain. However, there are two fundamental philosophies regarding this day.

Philosophy #1

It is a famous tale regarding 4 male students of Nanjing University who used to play a game known as mahjong at the hall of the hostel. During this game, students talk about their future desires. They all agreed upon this statement that they would make female partners. Some modifications of this tale declared that the students had discussed this while playing this game on 11th November. Moreover, the delightful slates of different games conducted on this day are the same. The pupils had taken this fortune as a great sign as their single way of life and created Guanggun Jie.

Philosophy #2

Another popular tale between the observers of this day is of a man whose name was Guang Gun. His actual name was Guang Kun, however when he was immature; his friends referred him as the Guang Gun. When he was the pupil of the Nanjing University, he caught in love with infant women. Guang Gun considers this woman as the gorgeous lady of the universe. After being in a relationship with that woman, the woman was identified with cancer. Regardless of hearing the unhappy report, he remained with her. Finally, the death of his lover occurred on his birthday. This incident made him sad. When he recovered his calmness, he starts locating candles on the ceiling of his hostel in the memory of his deceased girlfriend. On his birthday, his friends gathered with him to give their greetings to his deceased girlfriend. After this incident, the vacation was observed by the pupils of Nanjing University each year on 11th November. During the this day, is same like girlfriend Day people conduct various activities.

After the graduation of several pupils, this day starts to be observed in different societies of Southern China. This vacation dispersed to the whole regions of China. After the government of China noticed that this vacation could be utilized for the commercial or financial means of China, the government announced this day as the Chinese holiday.

Where to celebrate Singles Day?

Singles Day is celebrated in most cities of China and especially the large cities. Some of the best places in China to celebrate Singles Day are given below.

  • Hong Kong.

Singles Day in China allows the young single men & women to enjoy the singles or youthfulness before they getting ready for their future.


Did you Know Singles Awareness Day is also celebrated every year on February 15?

Why Is It Called As Shopping Holiday?

This day is the same just as the business vacations in the United States, Canada, and further countries of the West. On this day, many online shopping websites start special discounts for their immature customers. On this day sites. like e-commerce and many other shops start huge marketing to grab the attention of immature customers whereas Guang Jie is a vacation that observes selfhood and way of life of singles, the majority youth of China purchase lavish goods for their purpose. People of China buy all sort of items on this day like electronic goods, clothes, and many other goods can be bought on this day. This day elicits many main International and Chinese organizations to gain a huge earning in a short day of 24-hours time.

Alibaba, which is China’s huge website for e-commerce for customer items, gained earning of about $14 billion on this day in 2015. This splendid marketing elicits the supply costs of different Chinese organizations to rush each year throughout the beginning of November. The experts reveal that this day is becoming popular in China as compared to the Black Friday in the United States.

Notwithstanding incredible deals, this day is a festival for observing youngness and freedom of singles. On this day the majority of Chinese Individuals go to clubs and bars with their friends for a party. Entirely bars called Karaoke are famous between the individuals of China on this day. Individuals who try to find subtle ceremonial actions visit those restaurants that give special discounts on this day. Initially this was a vacation for males, however today it also observes the way of life of single females.

Even though this day is planned to observe the way of life of singles, but some individuals utilize this vacation to say goodbye to their bachelor’s life and search partners for themselves. A lot of Chinese immature individuals watch dating ceremonies to search for appropriate partners.

This day is not directed just about food; however, there are few major event foods those individuals inaugurate the vacation by eating these foods. On this, day observers eat 4 youtiao and one baozi. Yakutia is baked bread stab or firewood having a pleasing and delicious taste. As these are the stabs or sticks of bread, youtiao is like you in appearance that is a Chinese sign for one. These signs are famous on this day due to the reason 11th November is the day having just ones when it is written in the form of numbers. The baozi or heated bread roll illustrates the time that isolates the day from the month.

Celebration Places

This day is famous in many biggest cities in China. Few of the great locations where people prefer to observe these vacations include Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.

It is a Chinese vacation that enables bachelor males and females to take pleasure from this day for their youngness by looking forward to preparing themselves for the coming days.

It can also be observed all over the world, and it can be observed in those regions of the world where Chinese communities are living. It is the day which is famous and known as the day for the Singles.

What Do People Do On This Day?

As many online shopping websites and many other related websites give special discounts and market their goods, the Chinese people and people from all around the world do online shopping on that day. People purchase many household goods, clothing items, and many other home accessories for their use from these websites at a reasonable price. People do a lot of shopping and purchase many goods for themselves. Many Chinese and international organizations get a lot of earning on that day in just 24-hours.

Singles Day Customs & Traditions

Singles Day is an occasion in which every single individual is at liberty to enjoy & get internal bliss as they want by choosing the way they want. A few people may go through the day with their other single companions – to go out to supper with them or trade blessings.

Other individuals might need to treat themselves by getting themselves something pleasant – regardless of whether this is adornments, sweet or blooms.

Smiling young girl in little black dress celebrating on Singles Day

In any case, other individuals might need to take off to the club or to a gathering, associating with their companions or possibly with complete outsiders.


On this day symbol, 1 represents a single individual, and symbol 11 represents 2 individuals on this special Chinese day.

The last way individuals observed Singles Day  is by simply investing some energy alone with themselves and use it as multi-day for personal development or self-examination. Simply have a good time.

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