Space Day

International Space Day2

Science is a vast field of study and it investigates the facts and principles of unknown scenarios. There is an extensive need for research required in it. Why was there a need for Space day? The answer to this question is simple; to acknowledge the unknown mysteries of outer space.

Space day is celebrated on the first Friday of May. This day is celebrated to acknowledge and observe the unknown galaxies, planets, and stars. Science is a field that fascinates many out there but this day is mainly celebrated to inspire all children and to uplift their interest in the scientific field.

When is International Space Day?

International Space Day is celebrated on the first Friday of each May. This year in, the first Friday of May will fall on 7th May. The day is also known as – NASA Space Day, Indian Space Day, National Space Day.

International Space Day in May

History of Space Day

Since 1977 Space Day started as a very simple day. Celebrating this day means celebrating the beauty and wonders of the world beyond this planet that contain various numbers of galaxies, stars, sun, and planets. John Glen, the senator, and a former astronaut changed the name of this day as International Space Day. The step he took was just to broaden the celebration of this day around the world.

Celebrations around the World

This day is honored all around the world. But it has to be celebrated on a bigger level to explore celestial bodies, comets, planets, etc. However, all around the world, it can be known by different names. In Russia every year in May this day is celebrated under the name of Cosmonautics Day. In Poland “International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics” is the name of this day and it is celebrated on the same day.

How should we celebrate this Day?

  • Encourage kids to explore new information about space.
  • Universities, schools, and colleges should arrange seminars, walks and talks on topics significant for the day.
  • Parents should guide their children to watch relevant documentaries and videos related to space.
  • Programs based on science and technology should be on aired on television.
  • Print media has the power to communicate information. Articles communicating space information would be a treat for science maniacs out there.
  • There are many books out there. Visit a library and pledge to read a book on science.
  • Research about amazing facts about space.
  • Arrange a trip to a museum with friends or family and enjoy a tour of the space section.
  • NASA’s website is a good way of spending the day. There might be a topic, research or news that might delight people.
  • Social Media is a weapon nowadays, use it to share your views about the day to gather attention towards this day.

Space Week: Another way of Celebrating the Space Day

Keeping in mind all the importance of science, a whole week should be dedicated to it. It is the least possible step to be taken to enhance the significance of the day. Throughout the whole week, events should be organized to encourage youngsters to take an interest in space. Celebrating the whole week is to highlight the importance of space, the dangers it is facing and the precautions to save it from unforeseen threat to space.

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