Sunscreen Day

Sun Screen Protection Day, May 27

Sun Screen Day is a day of getting educated and being aware of the importance of using sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun which brings forth ultraviolet rays. These UV rays are known for causing various kinds of skin diseases, the worst of which is skin cancer. Sunscreen Day is held every 27th of May and hopes to educate people that sunscreen is an extremely important skin protection product.

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What is Sunscreen Day?

Although the sun is very important for us in our daily living, its harmful effects cannot be ignored. Yes, it is fine to go out and have fun in the sun but being exposed to its harmful UV rays can be a serious risk to people’s health. What makes this matter worse is the fact that our ozone layer is getting depleted more and more because of the harmful chemicals we use. The ozone layer acts as our shield against UV rays. The more depleted they become, the less protection we have.

Extreme exposure to the sun can cause serious health problems. In its simplest form, one can get skin burns. However, it can also cause skin cancer and sunspots. It can also result in premature aging of the skin.

Because of these harmful effects of the sun to our skin, doctors recommend us to use sunscreen so that we can get protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen products have contents called Skin Protection Factor (SPF) which is what protects us against the sun.

Unfortunately, not too many people follow the advice and recommendations of doctors and similar experts. Because of that, Sunscreen Day was started so that a day can be allotted wherein people can get educated and aware of the benefits of using sunscreen.

History of Sunscreen Day

Unfortunately, the exact time and date when the Sunscreen Day was started is not very clear to us. Even with rigorous research, no one can point out exactly how the celebration started. But one thing is for sure – Sunscreen Day was started to be celebrated so that we people can know how using sunscreen can help us avoid catching or getting serious health problems involving our skin.

When is Sunscreen Day

Sunscreen Day always happens on the 27th of May each year. This means that this year, it will be celebrated on May 27.

Celebration of Sunscreen Day

Various activities are held during the sunscreen day. Here are some of them:

Simply Using Sunscreen

The simplest way to celebrate this important day is to simply use sunscreen. Though you may forget using sunscreen in some other days, then celebrating the day by applying sunscreen on your body 100% for sure will allow you to get reminded of just how important this skincare product is.

Seeking Shade

Sunscreen day of the course is not just about applying sunscreen. The main goal of the day is to educate people about how bad it is to become overexposed to the sun. Hence, another way to celebrate the day is by seeking some shade outside so that the sun won’t touch your skin. This is a good activity for those who go outside and work. Lucky those people who get to stay inside their homes or offices for they get no dilemma when it comes to battling the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sunscreen Awareness Activities

The major point of the day is to become aware of sunscreens and to become educated about the importance of not getting too exposed to the sun. Hence, sunscreen awareness activities are also conducted during this day. For instance, teachers usually inform their students about these important points in their classes. People also share these with their friends and family members so that they get to protect themselves as well.

In Social Media, Sunscreen Awareness Day also becomes the mood of the people. Many users share information about sunscreen and the harmful rays of the sun. people also share the hashtag #SunscreenDay to remind their friends and followers on social media about the important day of celebration.

The most important thing about this celebration is protecting oneself against the UV rays of the sun.

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