National Unicorn Day

National Unicorn Day: The Mystical Legacy and Timeless Allure of Unicorns

National Unicorn Day, celebrated on April 9th, is a whimsical day dedicated to paying homage to the magical and mythical unicorn. With its roots deeply embedded in ancient cultures and histories, the unicorn has transcended time to become a symbol of wonder, mystery, and magic in today’s world.

From ancient civilizations to the tales spun by modern storytellers, the unicorn has been an enduring symbol of purity and enchantment. Today, it’s not just a character in fairy tales, but also represents highly successful startups, termed as “unicorns” in the business realm.

On National Unicorn Day, enthusiasts might don unicorn-themed attire, indulge in colorful, unicorn-inspired treats, or simply immerse themselves in the captivating tales and legends surrounding this mythical beast. It’s a day of fun, sparkle, and a dash of magic!

When is National Unicorn Day?

The National Unicorn Day is always held on the 9th of April each year. This means that the next celebration of this holiday will be held on  April 9.

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Facts About the National Unicorn Day

  • The following are the most interesting facts about the National Unicorn Day that are worth sharing to other people:
  • The unicorn is mentioned six times in the King James Bible – twice in Numbers, twice in Job, and twice in Psalms.
  • The unicorn is somehow described differently by Pliny. According to him, the unicorn has the body of a horse, head of a deer, tail of a lion, feet of an elephant, and a black horn that projects two cubits from the middle of its forehead.
  • The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn.
  • The unicorn was used on the royal coat of arms in Scotland by William the Lion back in the 12th century.
  • The British coat of arms has a lion and a unicorn. It symbolizes the joining of the Scottish unicorn and English lion in 1707.
  • The Unicorn Question License can be obtained by Unicorn hunters from Lake Superiority University in Michigan.
  • A patent application was filed in the USA for a surgical procedure of growing unicorns in 1980.
  • In the 1980s, a unicorn was displayed in US circuses. It was created by fusing together goat’s horns after birth.
  • Medieval apothecaries once sold unicorn horn or alicorn, alleged to have medicinal properties.
  • According to legends, the unicorn is the strongest animal and can event defeat an elephant. But it can be humbled by a virgin maiden.

International Unicorn Day Quotes

  • Always act naturally, except if you can be a unicorn. At that point, always be a unicorn – Jaime Murray
  • Any place they may have originated from, and any place they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns – Bruce Coville
  • Sleep resembles the unicorn – it is reputed to exist, yet I doubt I will see any – Dr. Seuss
  • Take criticism, crush it into dust. Add color and use it to paint amazing pictures of unicorns skipping through unlimited fields of enormity – Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Let us just hate hatred; and once give love a play, we will fall in love with a unicorn – Herman Melville

History of National Unicorn Day

The Early Mentions of Unicorns

Unicorns have been mentioned in works as far back as in Ancient Greece. Greek writers believe they live in faraway places such as India. Such a country was largely unknown to Europeans at that time. However, people believe that unicorns were powerful and fierce animals that should not be meddled with. The holiday is just as enjoyable as the Bicycle Day About, History, Celebration

Unicorns During the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, the images of unicorns were largely based on Bible passages. Because of these, unicorns became symbols of pure love, strength, and also as pets for virgin women. There is even a sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding a unicorn on her lap. This can be seen in Warsaw’s National Museum. For thousands of years, unicorns have appeared countless times in various literary works

Unicorns in Pop Culture

Some of the most prominent examples where unicorns have appeared are:

  • JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series
  • CS Lewis’ The Last Battle
  • Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass
  • My Little Pony

Unicorns in Modern Times

Now, the National Unicorn Day aims to celebrate this majestic creature and let people remember how fun life can be. Sometimes we need just a little bit of magic, or at least a belief in it, to make things work and have a positive outlook on life.

National Unicorn Day Celebrations, Activities & Ideas

Why Celebrate the National Unicorn Day?

Unicorns have become embedded in our lives. We draw them and watch them on cartoons when we were kids, we read fictional books about them when we were teenagers, and we view them as symbol of pure love as adults. Though mythical, we know that unicorns will always remain special in our lives. And this is the main reason why we should celebrate the National Unicorn Day.

How to Celebrate the National Unicorn Day?

The following are the best activities that you can do to celebrate the National Unicorn Day in the best way possible:

Host a Party with a Unicorn Piñata

If you want an enjoyable, fun, and socialized kind of celebration, then you may want to host a party with a unicorn piñata. Here, the children can have all the fun they want opening this piñata and getting all the magical things inside of it while the adults watch in laughter.

Watch Movies with Unicorns

You can also celebrate this day by watching movies that have unicorns in it. For instance, you can marathon the Harry Potter film series to see these magical creatures. For a cuter version, you may want to watch the My Little Pony cartoon series to see how cute little unicorns interact with each other.

Paint or Draw Unicorns

if you are creative enough, then you may want to celebrate this holiday by painting or drawing unicorns. Being magical creatures, they have appeared countless times in various works of arts by artists. You can paint or draw unicorns from scratch. Or if possible, you may want to use a guided canvass where you can follow outlines for drawing or painting unicorns. You can then share a picture of your work of art on social media and use the hashtag #NationalUnicornDay. You can also frame it and post it in your room.

Happy Unicorn Day Jokes & Memes

  • When I take a look at myself in the mirror, I see a unicorn… a badass unicorn!
  • So when he inquired as to whether my tattoos hurt, I just smiled and sweetly said “Oh no dear… mine were licked on by baby unicorns… Dumbass…”
  • I want to be a unicorn, so I could stab idiots with my head!
  • Rhinos are simply fat unicorns. If we’d give them the time and consideration they merit, as well as a good eating routine: they’d reveal their superb ways.
  • Unicorns are real! They’re just fat and grey and we call them rhinos.
  • Keep calm and ride a unicorn.
  • Unicorns are amazing. I am amazing, along these lines I am a unicorn.
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