Urban Bear Weekend & Blast Day

Urban Bear Week - May 14 to May 17 (Urban Bear Blast on June 30,)

June is pride month and it is all about celebrating equality for all gender and sexuality. Parallel with this celebration is the Urban Bear Weekend held on May 14 to May 17 and another related event called Urban Bear Blast on June 30. Such celebrations call forth all the gay men as well as those who wanted to participate in socialization and parties featuring plus-sized, hairy, and gorgeous men which we call “bears”.

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What is Urban Bear Weekend?

The Urban Bear Weekend

The Urban Bear Weekend is an annual celebration of the gay bear community. In this event, gay bears and all people who wanted to participate enjoy happy hours of socializing with each other, going on an amazing booze cruise where they get to experience drinking while on a luxury cruise ship, and weekend hard parties where they can party all-out in consecutive spectacular nights.

What is the History of Urban Bear Weekend?

All that we know about the urban bear weekend is that specifically in New York City, it is being celebrated for the 11th year in and its 12th year in . However, we are not so sure as to how the event started and also who started it. But we can make a good guess as to why it started – it is an event where “bears” can get together, enjoy the company of each other, party hard with each other, and find potential partners that maybe they can spend the rest of their lives with.

We can say that gay people have experienced discrimination. This issue still exists but we are all fighting hard for the rights of the LGBT community, and that includes the rights of gay bears. One powerful event that shows that gay bears can experience parties as hard as those of other genders and sexualities is the Urban Bear Weekend.

When is Urban Bear Weekend?

The Urban Bear Weekend is celebrated annually. Dates are usually set by the organizing body. The latest Urban Bear Weekend was celebrated last May 16 to 19 this year. The next year’s event may be held on the same month but of course, on the weekend. A related event called the Urban Bear Blast will be celebrated on the 30th of June. This is a similar event that is parallel with the celebration of the pride month.

Why Celebrate Urban Bear Weekend?

For all those bears out these, this event is the best time for you to enjoy yourself and party hard over the course of the weekend. There are so much parties happening around but of course, this is one of a kind. The party will be dominated by bears. You might even find your own partner for life. This party will surely be a mix of romance, enjoyment, and having a full blast. If you are looking for these experiences, then you should definitely participate in the urban bear weekend celebration.

How to Celebrate Urban Bear Weekend?

The following are the staple activities conducted for the celebration of the Urban Bear Weekend:

Enjoy Happy Hours

There are designated happy hours for the urban bear weekend. This is the perfect time for participants to relax and socialize with other people. Refreshments and delicacies are usually eaten. This is the part where people can get to know each other on a shallow level where they talk about their nicknames, where they live, hobbies, and more.

Go on an Amazing Booze Cruise

Another exciting part of the event is the opportunity to go an on amazing booze cruise. Here, participants get to party and drink in an amazing cruise ship. The venue is fantastic and looks so sophisticated. Delicious snacks and food are also served. People get to enjoy the nice breeze of the winds at night while they also dance and sing to the songs being played in the party. People get to specialize on a deeper level. Various kinds of drinks are served.

Weekend Hard Party

Perhaps the event that participants most look forward to for the urban bear weekend is the weekend hard party. This is the highlight of the celebration. Participants get to party hard and indulge themselves in various kinds of drinks including beer, tequila, champagne, wine, vodka, gin, and a lot more. People sing their hearts out and dance until they get tired on all the hard parties that they attend to for this event.

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