Work Like a Dog Day

Work Like a Dog Day - August 5

World Like a Dog Day is celebrated every 5th of August each year. This day is dedicated to all the people out there who work hard and exert extra work effort more than regular workers do. Either they are obligated to do so or they want to earn some overtime credits, all hardworking people are given praise during this special day of celebration.

Work Like a Dog Day

Work Like A Dog Day

The term work like a dog means working hard from day to night or even overnight. It is simply an idiomatic expression denoting a person who is working so hard for himself or herself and/or for his or her family. All hardworking people are given honor and praise during the Work Like a Dog Day. There are people who work so hard to earn a living. Others want to get promoted hence exerting more extra effort in their work. Regardless of their reason for working like a dog, they are given praise and recognized during this day.

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History of Work Like a Dog Day

Unfortunately, even with extensive research about this holiday, we cannot pinpoint how this celebration started and also who started it. But even so, we can make a good guess on why this celebration started. People who work hard deserve praise and recognition for all their efforts. Hence, a special day called the Work Like a Dog Day is dedicated solely to them.

When is Work Like a Dog Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on August 5 every year. This means that the upcoming Work Like a Dog Day will be held on  August 5.

Why Celebrate Work Like a Dog Day?


The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate Work Like a Dog Day:

The Day Encourages Perseverance

Just like other people, hardworking persons also deserve recognition and praise for simply working hard. This encourages them to persevere more. This also encourages other people who may not be as working as hard as other people but want to start doing so. Hence, this is a good reason to spread the celebration of this holiday.

The Day is Dedicated for You

Another reason why this holiday warrants celebration is that it may be dedicated for you. You may be a hardworking person and also deserving of praise and recognition. Such things you can receive from people during this day, be it physical things or kind words like genuine compliments, can make you more motivated at work.

You Know a Hard Working Person Who Deserves Recognition

Perhaps you should also celebrate this holiday just because you know someone who works so hard. That person needs motivation and encouragement as well and you might be the one who will give it to him or her. Even just a little push may go a long way.

How to Celebrate Work Like a Dog Day?


The following are the best activities to be done during Work Like a Dog Day:

Exert Some Extra Work Efforts

You might be a person who works on an 8-hour shift and does work no more after time. Perhaps you might want to try exerting some extra work effort during Work Like a Dog Day and experience how it is for people who do that every day.

Appreciate Hardworking People

A lot of people work like a dog every day. Some examples include our health care professionals, teachers, and police officers. Health care professionals work long shifts, especially during delicate medical procedures. Teachers usually work hard at school and then more after school hours to check assignments for students, craft lesson plans, and make and check exam papers. Police officers also work hard all day long, and mostly overnight, to make sure that the citizens are safe. More people like them also work equally as hard. And they all deserve praise during this special day of celebration. You better give it to them.

Recognize the Balance and the Rights

The Work Like a Dog Day is all about celebrating hard-working people. But of course, working like a dog is not always positive. There are times when people work overtime without pay. Some are even forced by their companies to do so. Hence, this day could also be the perfect opportunity to shed light on these issues and recognize the rights of all workers especially those who work like a dog all day long but are being abused by their employers.

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