World Lindy Hop Day

World Lindy Hop Day - May 26,

If you are a fan of dancing or if you are a dancer yourself, then it is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy Lindy Hope Day. Especially if you are a person who love the sounds of the 1920s jazz, then surely, taking part in this celebration will help you experience all the many fun in the world. Although the Lindy Hop experienced a decline in spectators and popularity during the 1950s, this form of dance regained its momentum and even has its own day now wherein people can celebrate and adore this dance craze. This celebration always happens on the 26th of May each year.

Lindy Hop Day

What is World Lindy Hop Day?

The World Lindy Hop Day is always celebrated on the 26th of May every year. It supports all the people from different backgrounds and culture to enjoy and share the benefits of dancing to it. Apart from Lindy Hop, another name for this dance form is Jitterbug. To define simply, it is a two-person dance wherein partners can dance while holding each other’s hands to a jazz music. Hence, this day is all about putting on your dancing shoes and hopping and dancing around to the Lindy Hop.

History of World Lindy Hop Day

The World Lindy Hop Day aims to honor the birthday of Frankie Manning who is the inventor or proponent of this form of dance. In fact, he is one of the most influential persons in dance history. To be specific, he is the most influential person in the history of swing dance. Although this dance form experienced a decline in popularity sometime during the 1950s, it then attracted so many more followers due to the vitality that it brings to the people.

The sign of this form of dance is the creative and exhilarating various movements that people can do. Partners dancing to this can connect well with each other. They can lift their own spirits, promote humane connection with other people, and develop a sense of generosity. This form of dance also allows people to meet in a specific environment that supports bridging of personal connections.

Focusing more on the specifics of the history of this dance, this kind of energetic dance actually originated from the black communities living in Harlem, New York City.

Now, we celebrate the day to commemorate Frankie Manning, the propagator of this form of dance.

When is Lindy Hop Day?

The lindy Hop Day always happens on the 26th of May each year. This means that this year, the celebration will be held on May 26, .

Celebration of Lindy Hop Day

The World Lindy Hop Day is actually celebrated by a lot of people from all over the world. Here are some of the activities people do to celebrate this day:

Dancing to this Form of Music

Perhaps the simplest way of celebrating this day is by dancing to the Lindy Hop Day kind of music. If you know how to, then you can play such music in your laptop, smartphone, or wherever else as long as you can hear the sound of the music and you can dance to it.

Educating Yourself About this Dance

Another popular activity done to celebrate this day is to educate yourself about this dance. Perhaps if you still don’t know much about it, then you can find a book or an article online that can teach you more about the history and movements of this form of dance. Better yet, you can look for online tutorials on how this form of dance can be danced by you so that you can up your way of celebrating this day.

Group Celebrations

This day is best celebrated when you do the dancing with other people around. This form of dance is actually most recommended to be danced with a partner. You can start your celebration by joining a workshop about this dance. You can then partner up with someone and join a group where all of you can dance to this form and have a fun and enjoyable time all day long.

On Social Media

The celebration of this day is also very popular on social media. Many people share photos or videos of them dancing to this form on Facebook or other social media platforms. Many people form Twitter also use the hashtag #WorldLindyHopDay to inform their friends and loved ones about the celebration and also to signal to other people that they are taking part in it.


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