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Public holidays in Aruba

National flag of ArubaAruba is an Island of Caribbean Sea and a constituent part of Kingdom of Netherland. It is located about 29 kilometers on the north of the Coast of Venezuela. Aruba is one of the part of four countries of the Kingdom of Netherland and collectively, these countries are called Dutch Caribbean. Together with Bonaire and Curaçao the Aruba forms ABD Islands. It is divided into eight districts for Census purpose such as Noord, Oranjestad, Paradera, San Nicolaas, Svaneta, Santa Cruz, and Lago Colony.

Capital of Aruba

The president capital and the largest city of Aruba is Oranjestad. It is located on the western end of the Island. Oranjestad is also referred to as “Playa” in the local language.

Trending of Aruba

This Dutch Caribbean Island sees over 1.2 million visitors annually, unlike other Caribbean countries Aruba has a warm climate. It blue water and white sand is the biggest attraction for travelers. Traveler loves Hiking in Arikok National Park, Uncovering Caves, Exploring San Nicolas and many more.

President of Aruba

The Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Mike Eman is a politician who started his political area since his childhood because his brother and grandfather was a very prominent politician of their time.

Prime Minister of Aruba

The current and the 6th Prime Minister of Aruba is Evelyn Wever-Cores. She was elected in 2017, on Nov-17.

Population of Aruba

According to an estimate in 2017 the total population of Aruba includes over 105,264 individuals. The 66% populations are Aruban and others are Colombian, Dutch, Dominican, Venezuelan, Haitian, and Chinese.

Flag of Aruba

The current flag of Aruba is of light blue colour along with two yellow horizontal stripes on the bottom side and Four-Pointed red Star on the top left. This flag was adopted in 1976, on March-18.

Currency of Aruba

The national currency of Aruba is Florin. The code of the currency is AWG and the most commonly used symbol is Afl.

Religion of Aruba

The national religion of Aruba is Christian because of 85% of the total population belongs to Christianity.

Dialling Code of Aruba

The international Dialling code of Aruba is +297.

Crime Rate of Aruba

Aruba has crime index 26.92 and safety index 73.08 in the world.

Crime RatesIndex NumberComments
Crime Level23.21Low
Crime Increasing Rate in Past 3 Years63.33High
Thing stolen & Home Broken cases30.00Low
Being Mugged & Robbed cases23.21Low
Car stolen cases23.08Low
Thing from car stolen cases25.00Low
Being Attacked worries16.67Very Low
Being insulted worries16.67Very Low
Being attacked based on Religion & colour worries15.00Very Low
Using & Dealing in Drugs Cases45.00Moderate
Property Crimes31.67Low
Violent Crime such as Armed Robbery23.33Low

Airport of Aruba

The most famous and busiest airport of Aruba is Queen Beatrix International Airport which serves Oranjestad city.

Area of Aruba

This Caribbean Sea Island has a total area of 178.9 sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Aruba

In 2011, the total GDP of Aruba was 2.58 Us Dollars, which represents 0.01% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Aruba

Sports which are commonly played in Aruba are Football, sailing, Kitesurfing, and baseball.

Holiday in Aruba

FridayJanuary 01New year’s day
MondayJanuary 25Betico Croes Day
MondayFebruary 15Carnival MondayCelebrated on Monday Before Ash Wednesday
ThursdayMarch 18National Anthem and Flag Day
FridayApril 02Good Friday
MondayApril 05Easter MondayMonday after Easter Sunday
TuesdayApril 27King’s BirthdayIf 27th is a Sunday, Celebration are held on 26th
SaturdayMay 01Labour DayInternational Workers Day
ThursdayMay 13Ascension Day40 Day after Ester
SaturdayDecember 25Christmas Day
SundayDecember 26Boxing Day


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