All about Carnival Day

No doubt, when the word carnival uttered by someone, the colorful festival, the fancy dresses, lots of laughter and the huge amount of food come into mind, don’t ever forget the parade. So, what is special about this carnival day? It is a day where anyone can go crazy, and no one will reprimand you due to it. Sound fun? This is special about this day. However, this is not the only day, but in many cultures, carnival carries out in the whole week or numbers of days.Brazilian Carnival Day- Woman holding a colorful parasol and dancing at the Carnival of the city of Olinda

Not only this, the preparation of carnival day has been started the days prior just like Christmas and Easter. And the day comes, when anyone can have fun, shouts like insane and laugh like crazy, because this is carnival day and you are allowed to do anything you want to do. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s take a glimpse of this entertaining day and what are it’s essential?

The Origin of Carnival Day

Let us explore the foundation of the carnival day. For this purpose, we have to move back hundreds of years ago when Catholic celebrates this day to get rid of their worldly desires. It is still celebrated in the same way. For the Catholic, they also keep fast on this day, before this day. However, the ideal direction of the fasting is for forty days. The intention of fasting is the same as traditional beliefs; to prevent worldly pleasure by fasting and keeping themselves away from the food. However, meat is the main meal on this day, and one cannot decline this pleasure even on this day. Additionally, this fasting is related to the suffering and tolerance of Jesus Christ during his time in the desert where he fasted for the same time limit.

Brazilians celebrate at a carnival street party

Besides, there is no evidence why people celebrate carnival day in such a way. It is celebrated to keep away the meat, which is also an origin of the word carnival, which was called Carnevale that time. Italy was the first country to lead other European and western countries towards the celebration of this day. But the origin of this day is derived from the religion of Christianity. Catholic Christians were the ones who celebrate this day, and their method was mentioned above. However, when it comes to today’s way of celebration of carnival day, it is much different, and why people celebrate it in such a way, there is no exact history behind it. However, let’s say with time, the way of celebration of each religious festival has changed. Now, each festival is just a reason to throw a party and chill with their friends and family.

What is the Day of Carnival Day?

Typically, this day is celebrated between the end of February and the beginning of March. The 26th of February is the exact day of the carnival festival. However, most of the European culture celebrate this festival for a week. Many countries celebrate this day in November. But the dates of February and March are the most frequent days chosen for this celebration. Many cultures have chosen this period to celebrate the beginning of the spring as well.

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How Carnival Day is Celebrated

There are a thousand of ways to celebrate this day like throwing parties, having dinner with the friends and family, watching the parade or participate in it, don’t forget about the colorful costume you have to wear on this day. It is said that with the passage of time, having a parade and wearing colorful costume comes from the African culture. It is believed that this kind of ritual is best for healing. Cologne celebrates this day by throwing balls as the indoor activities in which wearing the costumes are compulsory.

carnival of the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico

The main aspect of this day is to get the feeling of uniformity and unity. This is a day when people gather around the city, have a variety of activities and mingle with other people. In other words, the carnival day is the best occasion to make new friends and reunited with the old ones. It is also a time to show your unique spirit behind the disguise of the costumes. It is a time to adopt different cultures, show the world your identity and embrace entertainment like the form of arts. This way, you can also show your friends and family your fun side. The side you always hide but now, it is a time disclose how much fun you can be.

For the people who want to have a lot of fun on the carnival day, they have plenty of activities and entertainment options. The best part is to participate in the parade. Though you might think that what difference you can make in the parade but your small steps can lead you to boost your confidence. Besides you can brag to your friends that you were a part of the parade, they come to watch.

If you are not a parade person, you can adopt some other activities like throw a party. Though this is a typical thing to do but the parties on the carnival day is different than other occasions. The parties are normally held on the street, which invites the people who might not be your friend or another relative. You can welcome them or attend the street party of others. Costumes are mandatory in these kinds of parties; if you do not have the one, you can choose from the stalls.

There is a variety of options for costumes. Most of the costumes are based on the grotesque body. You can choose funny costumes in which you can look like an ugly witch, and no one will point a finger on it. You can choose the huge belly or long nose as for a costume. Besides, if you are into spirituality, you can take the attire of some ghost or lost a soul.

Colourful carnival panoramic banner with a jumble of party balloons

Lent is the part when people get together in churches. Not only this, this is a time of fasting. However, every kind of fun was placed before the Lent. Most people prefer to hang out till they reach the verge on a hangover. Another best part is to celebrate while eating lots of meat. The reason behind serving the meat on occasion might relate to the fasting during Lent.

The circus is also a part of this day, in which you can enjoy the different shows of the animal. Parade also contains this kind of entertainment with the ferocious animals like lion and elephant. It is a scene to look something like this. Not only this, but you can also enjoy other kinds of shows displayed on this day which shows the true element of this day. The best element of this day is to wear your unique costume, eat, drink, eat, drink and once again gather with friends and eat and drink until you will have no space in your tummy and no thought in your mind. These parties are best for getting a hangover, and no one will complain about it.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare for this carnival day and gets lost in the plenty of entertainment and fun.

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