Hug Australian Day 26th of April

One of the most special days for Australians is the Hug an Australian Day. During this day, we express our love for the Aussies in different ways. But the action with the most significance during the day is hugging an Australian, simply anyone that you know. This is celebrated every 26th of April each year. You can learn more about this interesting day below.Hug an Australian Day

What is Hug Australian Day?

The day is considered to be the best day where you can give a big hug to your Aussie friends. Consider this as a great opportunity to improve international relations. During this day, people give sincere and happy hugs. The celebration has spread in terms of participation in the last few years. Do not be misled about the participants. The day is joined not only by Australians but also by people from all over the world who have some Aussie friends and families.

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History of Hug an Australian Day

The Hug an Australian Day is actually established by Thomas and Ruth Roy from the Wellcat.com website. It is actually a copyrighted day. Unfortunately, not much is known about why the celebration was started. The only clear things about the history of this day are the founders’ names and from where they came from.

Hug an Australian Day

Hug Your Cat Day

International Free Hugs Day

National Hug Day

When is Hug an Australian Day?

The National Hug an Australian Day is celebrated every 26th of April of the year. For this reason, this year’s Hug an Australian Day will be celebrated on  April 26 .

Celebration of Hug an Australian Day

Since the special celebration has become a worldwide known event, many people from different parts of the world celebrate the day in many different ways. Outlined below are some of them.

Giving Hugs

Of course, the special day’s main activity is giving hugs to Australians. People in Australia usually celebrate together by hugging each other. These people get themselves relieved of stress and make acquaintances and new friends with other Aussies. Outside Australia, participants of the celebration give their Aussie friends and workmates some hugs so that they can still feel like they are at home even if they are away from their country.

Giving Gifts

Gift giving is also a usual activity during the day. Aside from giving hugs, many Aussies give their friends and loved ones some gifts that they would love. It is a good way of showing their appreciation for these important people in their lives.

Many Aussies even do good acts during the day by giving gifts to the homeless and poor. Of course, these people also deserve some love too during the special day.

If you have an Aussie friend or loved one then you should give some memorable gifts to them during the day such as a Kangaroo or Koala stuffed toy. You can also give them an album of an Australian musician.

If you don’t know any Aussie but you still want to become a part of the celebration, then you can get on the internet, be friends with some Aussies, and greet them during the special day.

If you will go on a trip to Australia during this day, then you should remind yourself to give the Aussies some love by hugging them.

Getting Together

Many people also decide to get together and bond during the Hug an Australian Day. They take the opportunity to get some time with each other by going to the theater to watch movies, or watch some at home, or even just bond during dinner even after a long day at work.

Even in the office, fellow Australians give each other some hugs or gifts to remind themselves about the special day of celebration.

Hug Australian Day On Social Media

Many people bring their celebration of the day into social media. Many decide to post pictures and videos of themselves hugging other people during the day. This way, they can not only express their love for fellow Aussies as well as their participation in the event, but also to encourage other people to do the same thing in the day.

In Twitter, the celebration of the day is also very evident. Many people share and use the hashtag #HugAnAustralianDay to remind each other of the special day.

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