Hug Your Boss Day

Honoring your Boss on "National Hug Your Boss Day"

We all have bosses in our work or jobs. We follow this person in authority who runs the company or organization. When we encounter a problem with our client, it is our boss who handles it first. If we feel sick and we need to go home, it is our boss who takes over and permits us to take a sick leave. If we are up for promotion, it is our boss who selects us to move up the ranks. Basically, all the things that go on in our office involve our boss. To show appreciation to our good bosses, we celebrate the Hug Your Boss Day on September 13.

Do You Know? There’s a special day related to employees thanking their bosses, called NATIONAL BOSSES DAY.

About Hug Your Boss Day

The Hug Your Boss Day is a special day of celebration dedicated to honoring all the bosses out there. Most of us may have bosses that are very supportive yet commanding. Others have bosses that are some tenacious but strong. No matter what kind of boss you have, this special day is for him or her. So you better give your boss a good hug during this day. Just like other people, you can also celebrate by giving gift to your boss or sending a special letter of appreciation sincerely written by you.


This holiday was founded by back in 2008. They intended to create and promote better workplace relationships – between the bosses and their employees. They also believe that hugging one’s boss can lead to better employee-employer relationship, which will directly translate to improved productivity at work because of better morale and motivation. Bosses are the ringleaders. They are the persons in charge. Hence, it is very important to establish, develop, and maintain a good working relationship with them.


This holiday is always celebrated every year. This means that the upcoming Hug Your Boss Day will be celebrated on September 13.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should celebrate the Hug Your Boss Day:

To Establish a Good Relationship with Your Boss

First main reason why you should participate in the celebration of this day is that Hug Your Boss Day gives you the perfect opportunity to establish a good relationship with your boss. Some people give free hugs to other people to lighten up each other’s moods and to establish a good relationship with each other. You and your boss are no exception to that. Hence, you can give your boss a hug, of course with his or her permission, in order to start out a good working relationship with him or her.

To Become More Productive At Work

If you have a good relationship with your boss at work, then you can also have an improved morale and motivation. With that, you can become more productive at work. You can easily accomplish your tasks because you are motivated to do so. You can also make sure that your outputs at work are not just acceptable, but are exceptional.

To Honor Your Boss

This day is also the perfect opportunity for you to honor your boss. There is no other day than the Hug Your Boss Day to show your appreciation to your boss. This is especially important if you have a really good boss who deserves to be honored and praised. Hence, this is another reason why you should participate in the celebration of this day.

How to Celebrate Hug Your Boss Day: Ideas & Activities

The following are the most recommended activities for you to do to make your celebration of the Hug Your Boss Day as best as it can be:

Give Your Boss a Hug

Let us state the obvious. There is no better way to celebrate this day than to give your boss a hug. This is the main essence of the day that you should not miss. But of course, some people might not like to be touched. Hence, you should give your boss a hug with his or her permission. Do not just go around hugging your bosses out of nowhere. It might be offensive.

Give Your Boss a Gift

You can also celebrate this day by giving a gift to your boss. To make this better, you can try to research or find out what kind of thing your boss likes. You can gather suggestions from the friends and family members of your boss.

Hang Out with Your Boss

You can also celebrate by hanging out with your boss. Perhaps, you and the entire team or office can go out for lunch or dinner altogether. You can all hang out with your boss and enjoy the special day.

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, post a picture of you and your boss and use the hashtag #HugYourBossDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day.

Funny Happy Wishes Quotes Messages

  • Hi everyone. I survived first day at work, with no panic attacks. Almost, shaking, sweating and loya sikit this morning but all went well. So far, very good boss. Thank you for all your kind words. I pray for your good day too! *hugs
  • Show your boss some love today… September 13th is officially “National Hug Your Boss Day”
  • Today is national hug your boss day ! So if you get a chance today whether you like your boss or not today is day just hug them and thank them for letting u work for them ! Hug a boss day
  • Today is #HugYourBossDay – Some people like this day. Others love it. Some are afraid of it. Either way, show your boss how much you appreciate them today with some kind words or a BIG HUG!
  • Today is an important day in the calendar #HugYourBossDay. Make sure you show your boss the love. *Disclaimer* – your boss might find it odd if you actually hug them.

Do You Know? There’s a special day related to Employees as well, known as the Employee Appreciation Day! There’s a another related holiday as well, called the Hug An Australian Day

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