National Boss’s Day

Employees Thanking, Honoring & Appreciating Their Bosses on "National Boss's Day" observed next on October 16,

National Boss’s day is here on October 16th and this is the best day to honor and appreciate your boss. From inviting them to a wonderful lunch or just a simple thank you note to show your appreciation, any display of regard is guaranteed to make their day. To help celebrate this very day in style, we have put together some meaningful information along with a list of celebration ideas and wishing quotations to thank and honor your boss on Bosses Day.

We commonly see companies and businesses love their employees by sharing their accomplishments in the workplace, rewarding them with bonuses, or possibly celebrating their birthdays with a simple bash. But how often do workers honor their bosses or managers for being fair and kind during the year?

About National Bosses Day

Boss’s Day, also known as National Boss Day or Bosses Day is celebrated annually on October 16 or the nearest working day. The day is an opportunity for employees to honor and appreciate their supervisors, employers, managers or bosses for their leadership and inspiration.

Do you like your boss? Do you love that he/she provides you a flexible working schedule, regular shout-outs, and criticism that is constructive? Bosses Day is a superb opportunity to appreciate and be grateful for all of the things bosses have done for their workers.

National Bosses Day is also known by the names of: Boss’s Day, International Bosses Day, Boss Day, Bossy Day, Boss Appreciation Day, and Happy Boss Day.


Do you know there’s another Boss appreciation holiday as well, called NATIONAL HUG YOUR BOSS DAY!


National Bosses Day that we celebrate today was created and founded by a woman named Patricia Bays Haruki. She worked as a secretary at her father’s company – State Farm Insurance Company (SFIC) – in Deerfield, Illinois.

Haruki thought that employees are unaware of the hard work and dedication that their bosses put in their work and the challenges that they tackle on a daily basis. So she decided to create a dedicated holiday for bosses when the employees would be encouraged to honor their bosses.

Haroski chose October 16, as the official date to celebrate Bosses Day. She chose this date because her father’s birthday also falls on October 16. The holiday was registered at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958.

The aim of designating a particular day at work was to demonstrate appreciation for her managers and bosses. This was also a way to try to boost inter-office connections between bosses and their workers.

Four years later, in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner (an American politician) endorsed Haroski’s holiday and officially proclaimed the day.


National Bosses Day is always celebrated on October 16. If October 16, falls on a holiday, then Bosses Day is observed on the following working day.

This year, National Bosses Day will be celebrated on Saturday, October 16th.

And the next year, Bosses Day will be observed on, October 16th.

FAQ: Is It Bosses Day or Boss’s Day?

Bosses Day, Boss’s Day, Boss’ Day, Bossy Day – which word to use on October 16? Here’s the answer:

  • Hallmark, Wikipedia, the US Chamber of Commerce, Associate Press Style and Chicago Press Style – all spell it “Boss’s Day”, and claim that the possessive of “boss” is “boss’s.”
  • Bosses Day is also correct, especially if it’s a Day for (all) Bosses
  • Boss’ or Bosses’ Day is wrong.
  • If it is a celebration only for your boss, you could say it’s the Boss’s Day, and this does appear in dictionaries.

National Boss's Day October 16

Why Celebrate

If you are among those millions of American workers, mark October 16th on your calendar to observe Boss’s Day and earn some brownie points at work. That is the day when bosses are nationally recognized for their efforts during the year. But why should you celebrate National Bosses Day? Here are the main reasons:

Celebrate To Thank Your Boss

It is undoubtedly a great feeling when you’ve got a fantastic boss that directs you to the right path and really is a good friend outside of work. Celebrate National Bosses Day to reveal just how much they are valued for their direction and guidance in attaining the toughest goals of the entire year.

Celebrate To Boost Relationship With Your Boss

A healthy workplace takes a healthy boss-employee relationship. By observing National Bosses Day, you can enhance your relationship with your boss that will pave the way for a successful and healthy workplace environment.

Celebrate To Attain Workplace Success or Promotions

It may seem somewhat selfish or mean, however… you can celebrate Boss’s Day to receive a promotion at work. To be able to attain workplace success, it’s essential that you actively engage your boss and work towards enhancing the relationship with your boss.

Celebrate To Acknowledge Their Services

Young workers don’t understand that the challenges bosses face in running a business. Locating qualities to celebrate in your boss is not as hard as you may think. Much like it is crucial that bosses recognize their workers, it is equally important that hard-working bosses get exactly the same acknowledgment by their employees.

Celebrate To Thank Them For Your Bread and Butter

Good bosses come in different types. They can be quiet, thoughtful, aggressive and insightful. They lead by example and manage a workplace environment for the perfect running of a business so that the employees are constantly rewarded with bread and butter. Good bosses are equally buddies and mentors having the capability to grant us good income for a good lifestyle.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

This Wednesday, October 16, is National Boss’s Day — a chance for workers to thank their bosses or managers for fair and supportive supervision. National Boss Day or Boss’s Day is just one of the things which may be a very enjoyable day around the workplace if celebrated correctly.

As a worker, you have to understand how to celebrate this day with no whole lot of hullabaloo. Below are a couple of suggestions about the best way to honor your boss with elegance and class on International Bosses Day

Share a Meal or Have A Potluck

As in many areas of life, even when honoring your boss, you can never go wrong with a delicious meal. Have the staff workers each bring something for a potluck lunch, bring donuts or cakes for breakfast, bake biscuits, or perhaps take your boss outside to for a group happy hour or staff dinner with the boss. Enjoying a tasty meal provides your whole team an opportunity to bond and participate, and it makes your boss feel valued.

Decorate Your Boss’s Office

Sneak into your boss’s office (you may need some admin support with this), and beautifully decorate it for National Boss’s Day. Pennants, streamers, balloons, jars of candy, chocolates to the desk – a cute little surprise to begin the day!

Hand Write A Thank You or Appreciation Note

Telling your boss you are thankful for his mentorship by means of a handwritten note is an ideal way to show you care. When writing a note, try to be as unique as possible – “You’re a fantastic boss!” It does not always seem real. Instead, thank him for a time when he financially helped you (other than your salary) or remark on his leadership style that you find impressive.

Throw a Surprise Party

Get together with your colleagues and plan a surprise party at the closing hours of the office. Have the admins to schedule a meeting with your boss at the seminar area for the last hour of the day, then surprise your boss with a party! You may also plan a themed party with your colleagues.

Make A Donation To A Cause

Find a cause your boss is enthusiastic about and donate in their name. This demonstrates that you value what is important to him and it provides you the chance to help others and that naturally, makes everybody feel great.

Give Your Boss Something Related To His/Her Hobbies

Giving your boss something appropriate to their hobbies makes the gift appropriate. For example, if they’re into golf, you can gift them a special golf club set. Or if they’re a committed yogi, get them a brand new yoga mat.

If you are not certain what your boss likes to do out of work, then you can get him a thing to utilize on-the-job also. For example, if your boss travels frequently, you may get him a traveling “survival pack” with sleeping masks, neck pillow, ear-plugs, a guide to tipping policies in different nations, etc. These gift items will mean more for the boss than a fountain pen or desk organizer but are also of practical use.

Present Them A Special Gift

Another ideal way to celebrate Boss’s Day would be to provide a gift to your boss. Gifts are a nice idea, particularly if they come from a bunch of workers. Do make sure all your colleagues have got a chance to contribute to the gift fund. The more personal the gift is, the more better.

Don’t give too private gifts because they can lead to embarrassing moments, workplace rumors or additional issues that you ought to prevent.

Organize An Award Ceremony

Even your boss needs some appreciation for a job well done. Have a rest in the desk through a scheduled coffee or tea break and have an award ceremony. Have a personal team meeting only with your coworkers and no managers around and have a vote which manager gets what award title. Create trophies or badges for bosses with unique awards for example:

  • The Coolest Boss
  • The Best Dressed Boss
  • The Funniest Boss

Create A Thank You Video For Your Boss

Most of us have the capability to create a short video from our mobile phones or laptop. Ask all your colleagues to record short face cam videos saying “thank you to the boss”.

Combine all these short video clips into one, add some nice background music and effects, and on bosses day publish the video on YouTube, Twitter, or Office Chat Group. Your boss will feel super special seeing this video, and will undoubtedly look back fondly at this video in the future as well. Your soft-heartened boss may shed a tear or two in listening to those appreciation words from his staff!

Do you know there’s Employee appreciation holiday as well, called NATIONAL APPRECIATE YOUR EMPLOYEE DAY!

Gift Guide & Ideas For Bosses Day

When picking a gift for your boss, consider their nature and interests. Whether you know a great deal about their home life or not, you can pick up on a couple of things at the workplace. Do they consistently have a cup of java? Gift them a coffee maker or maybe a box of flavored coffees or coffee syrups. Do they have a sweet tooth? Gift them good quality yummy candies that are good to eat. Or perhaps he is an auto geek, get him the latest auto gadget or accessory for his car.

It is recommended that your gift idea perfectly aligns with your boss’s hobbies or interests. Not only will the gift be more helpful, but in addition, it reveals your boss how close you are to him and that you really care. If you are still needing some inspiration, here are a few of the best gift ideas for male/female bosses.

Wrist Watch Gift for him bosses day

Thank You Notes & Messages for National Bosses Day

  • I wanted to tell you how much I value you to be my mentor and Boss. You helped shape my career and professional life and showed me the way to convert my errors into skills. I truly appreciate all you’ve taught me. Happy Bosses Day!
  • Word can neither qualify nor measure how useful your advice and information have been. I’m forever thankful for your service.
  • You’ve been a wonderful supervisor, mentor, teacher, and guide. Your advice and support have helped form my career. Thank you to be the best boss ever.
  • I’d love to reveal my deep gratitude for the experience I’ve gained from you. You’ve been a superb Boss. Thank you!
  • On this Happy National Boss’s Day… Please accept this thank-you card out from me to express a million thanks to you for your advice and support.
  • I’d love to thank you for everything you’ve done for me personally. I am thankful to you for providing me the chance to work together with you and have loved my time working under your leadership. Happy Bosses Day, Sir!
  • You motivated me through times when I needed words of encouragement. Thank you for all of your support and advice.
  • On this Happy Bosses Day – I’d love to state that you are the best boss I might ever have imagined working with. Thank you for your inspiration and support!
  • Thank you a lot for being a superb manager!
  • You’re an excellent team leader that knows how to bring out the very best in your workers. Wishing you a great Bosses Day.

Appreciation Wordings To Share With Boss on Happy National Bosses Day

  • I respect your decision-making and leadership abilities. I expect to keep on learning from you and love all of your support and encouragement. Happy Boss’s Day!
  • Since starting to work together with you, I’ve learned so much that’s helped me become a better professional and a much better person. Thanks for honoring me this opportunity.
  • Thank you for helping me spot my abilities and work towards chasing them.
  • Thanks for all of the opportunities you’ve given me to brighten my career.
  • My heart keeps thanking you for all that you have done for me. Happy Bosses Day. May we keep nurturing under your shadow.
  • You’re a wonderful manager! Thank you for encouraging me, instructing me, and sticking up for me!
  • I’m grateful to be part of a business that cares a lot about its workers and is constantly looking for their very best interest.
  • I’ll work as hard as ever and also do my very best never to let you down.
  • Thank you so much for having faith in me and my skills — I know that I shall continue to learn from the example.

National Bosses Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner or Party Invitation Messages To Send To Your Boss

  • Hello Sir/Madam, It is with great pleasure, we would like to invite you to our Boss Appreciation Day Party held at (address). Please join us and celebrate this lovely occasion merrily.
  • Dear Sir/Ma’am, your presence would be greatly felt at Bosses Day Party held at (location). We will be impatiently expecting you.
  • Sir, to be honest, we were skeptical at first, but now we love our boss so much that we are throwing a National Bosses Day party on (date). We hope to see you boss with your family for a delightful day.
  • I do believe in the love of God as he has blessed me with a great boss like you. Hence, I would like to invite you to share this joy on National Bosses Day .
  • Respected Boss, with joy in our hearts we cordially invite you for a Bosses Day celebration with all of our dearest colleagues. This feast would be incomplete without your honorable presence. So, please join us.

Funny Memes Messages for National Boss’s Day

1). What is the definition of a Modern Boss? Modern Boss is the one who is looking for men between 25 and 30 with 40 years of experience.

2). Lampner’s Law of Employment: When leaving work late, you will go unnoticed. When you leave work early, you will meet the boss in the parking lot.

3). Smart boss + smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime
We are the first ones boss.

4). Arguing with your boss is like wrestling with a donkey in the mud. After some time you will realize that you are getting dirty and the donkey is enjoying it.

5). To err is human
To forgive is against company policy.

6). Employee: I want a raise in my salary. I am in demand and have two companies running after me.
Boss: Oh! I am really impressed. Which companies are they?
Employee: The electric and telephone company”

7). Boss (angrily): Have you ever seen a fool?
Employee (looking down): No Sir.
Boss: Why are you looking down? Look at me.

Interesting and Fun Facts

  • Boss’s Day was observed for the first time in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski decided to dedicate a day to her boss, who was also her father when she was working as an insurance agent at State Farm Insurance Company in Illinois. She chose October 16, as it was her father’s birthday. The day gained official recognition four years later, in 1962.
  • Do you know that 37% of employees prefer having a male boss – 19% prefer having a female boss – 43% say it wouldn’t make a difference either way.
  • Do you know that 26% of managers have fired workers because of their Internet usage – 25% have canned employees for e-mail misuse – 6% have fired employees due to their use or misuse of office telephones
  • More than half of workers in India have dated a co-worker, and 21% of workers have admitted they’ve dated their boss. Of these racy managerial romances, 25% of men say dating the boss helped their careers, compared with 13% of women.
  • 9 in 10 employees have dealt with a bully boss in their career.
  • The word “boss” originates from the Dutch word “baas,” which means a leader or someone in charge.
  • The word “boss” was created to replace the word “master”.
  • Hallmark, the largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the United States, did not publish Boss’s Day cards until 1979. The company now offers 60+ greeting cards – both for male and female bosses.
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