World Cake Day

National Cake Day Holiday Date: November 26

One of our most favorite desserts is the cake. We eat cakes in almost all celebrations that we do – birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, wedding, retirement, and many more. The cake becomes the centerpiece of any celebration. It will always be the delicacy that we want to eat. Because of our love for cake, we celebrate the World Cake Day every year on the 26th of November. This event is just as fun as the National Waffle Day, an event that people also look forward to each year.

What is the World Cake Day?

World Cake Day They either bake their own cakes or buy one from local bakeries or pastry shops. There are also cake eating contests and even cake making contests. A lot more activities are held for people to celebrate. They even take the celebration to social media to express their participation in the event.

History of the World Cake Day

The World Cake Day has a rich history when we talk about cakes. Although the origin of this day is quite unknown to us even with extensive research, we can definitely talk about how cakes started.

What is the history of the cake?

The first ever cakes made by humans can be traced back to the generation of Vikings when they still lived. The term comes from an old Norse term “Kaka” which denotes a baked flour mix which was usually sweetened with honey. Some historians believe that cake was invented shortly after the bread was invented. Cake creation spread throughout the Western civilization which continued for centuries. In the United Stated, cake making was adopted from the British people. The British people, in turn, borrowed such practice from the Greeks.

Over time, specific varieties of cakes became popular. During the 18th century, Washington Cakes dominated celebrations. In the 19th century, strawberry shortcakes became popular among the people. In the 1920s, the Pineapple Upside Down cake became famous. And nowadays, we have lots of varieties of cakes such as carrot cakes and cheesecakes.

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What is the history of the World Cake Day?

Unfortunately, our research was unable to trace how the World Cake Day started. But even with that, we are sure that the World Cake Day was started by people so as to celebrate and give dedication to one of our most favorite dessert which is the cake. We use cakes in almost all celebration that we do. It is just right for us to dedicate even just one day to give honor to this special treat.

When is the World Cake Day?

Date: November 26. This event is always celebrated on the 26th of November each year.

How to Celebrate the World Cake Day?

There are so many activities that can be done to maximize the celebration of this day. Some of which are the following:

Make Your Own Delicious Cake

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this day is by making your own delicious cake. You just have to prepare the ingredients needed for making it, which are easy to obtain from the grocery. You can follow a recipe or cookbook to bake a good cake. Remember, there are lots of varieties to choose from so you better pick the one that you like the most. If you can bake a really good cake, perhaps you can also try to join cake making contests held during the day.

Purchase a Cake from the Bakery or Pastry Shop

If you don’t have time to bake your own cake, then an alternative thing that you can do to celebrate the day is to purchase a cake from a pastry shop or bakery. For sure, these shops are prepared for the huge demand for cakes during this day.

Celebrate On Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can use the hashtag #WorldCakeDay to inform your followers and friends that you are taking part in the celebration of this day.

Facts for the World Cake Day

Of course, the celebration of this day will not be maxed out if you don’t share some facts for the World Cake Day.

  • There are a lot of varieties of cakes today ranging from different kinds of chocolate cake to cakes containing vegetables.
  • There are cakes designed to look like they are thing we usually see in our home. For instance, there are shoe cakes, toothbrush cakes, and more.
  • Cakes started during the time of the Vikings.
  • People participate in cake baking contests during this day.
  • People also participate in cake eating contests for the day.