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Chad Public Holidays


Chad is officially the Republic of Chad. It is a landlocked country which is situated in North-Central Africa. It shares its border with Sudan in the East, Libya in the North, the Central African Republic in the South, Nigeria and Cameroon in the Southwest, and Niger in the West. With respect to area, it is the second largest country of Central Africa and overall fourth largest country of Africa. It was a part f French colony before 1960. With the passage of time, it suffers from armed conflict, illness, and poverty. The estimated population of this country in 2011, was 11,525,000.

List Of Public Holidays in Chad

January 01New Year’s day
April 05Easter MondayMonday after Easter Sunday
May 01Labour Day
May 12KoritéEnd of Ramadan
May 13Korité Holiday
August 11Independence DayNational Day
July 19 – 20TabaskiFeast of the Sacrifice
November 01All Saints’ Day
October 18 – 19Prophet’s Birthday
November 29Republic Day
December 01Freedom and Democracy Day
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day

Chad – Facts and Figures

Capital of Chad

N’Djamena is the national capital of Chad. It is the largest city with an area of 104 sq. Kilometer.

President of Chad  

Mr. Idriss Déby is the current president of Chad. He is in office since 2 December 1990. He is serving as the Head of the Patriotic Salvation Movement.

Prime Minister of Chad

Albert Pahimi Padacké is the current Prime Minister of Chad and elected in 2016, on Feb-15.

Population of Chad

In 2017, the estimated population of Chad was over 14.9 million which is equivalent to 0.2% of the total population of the world. It is ranked on the 73rd position in the world most populated countries.

Flag of Chad

The current national flag of Chad is consisting of three vertical bars of Blue, Yellow, and Red color of equal size.

National Flag Of Chad

Currency of Chad

The national currency of Chad is Central African CFA franc. The official code for currency is XAF and most commonly used symbol is franc.

Religion of Chad

Chad stands in the list of religiously diverse countries. In its total population, the 55.7% population is Muslim {Check Out Muslim Holidays List }, 22.5% population is Catholic, and 17.6% population is Protestant.

Dialing Code of Chad

The international dialing code of Chad is +235.

Crime Rate in Chad

Chad has crime index 55.88 and safety index 42.12 in the world.

Famous Airport of Chad

Being one of the Central Asian countries Chad has many national and international flights on a daily basis. Some of the busiest airports of Chad are Abéché Airport which serves Abéché city in Ouaddaï region, Abou-Deïa Airport which serves Abou-Deïa city in Salamat region, Adé Airport which serves Adé city in Sila region, Adré Airport which serves Adré city in Ouaddaï region, Am-Dam Airport which serves Am-Dam city in Sila region, and Am-Timan Airport which serves Am-Timan city in Salamat region.

Top Destinations of Chad

Chad is fully packed with stunning sceneries and gives visitors a lot of memories. Some of the best places to visit in Chad includes N’Djamena, Djad, Sarh, Faya-Largeau, Zakouma National Park, Am Timan, Bol, Ennedi Desert, Lakes of Ouianga, Tibesti Mountains, Moundou, Douguia, Aouk National Park, and Goz Beida.

Chad N'Djamena. Old ancient houses

Area of Chad

The total area of Chad is almost 1.284 million sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Chad

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Chad is 9.981 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.02% of the total world’s population.

Sports of Chad

Some of the most commonly played sports in Chad are Football, Basketball, Boxing, Martial arts, and fishing.

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