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Public holidays in Costa Rica

National Holidays and Observances in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is officially called the Republic of Costa Rica. It shares its border with Panama in the Southeast, Nicaragua in the north, Caribbean Sean in the East, and the Pacific Ocean in the West. Spanish is the official language of this country. It is fully packed with natural beauty and also referred to as Switzerland of Latin America. This country has no army the government spend money on education and health instead of spending money on defense. The total population of Costa Rica is about 4,301,712.

Holidays in Costa Rica

January 01New Year’s Day
April 11Juan Santamaria Day
March 28Holy MondayPublic Sector Only
March 29Holy TuesdayPublic Sector Only
March 30Holy WednesdayPublic Sector Only
April 01Good ThursdayJueves Santo
April 02Good FridayFriday Before Easter Sunday
May 01Workers or Labour DayMay Day
July 25Guanacaste Day
August 02Virgin of Los Angeles Day
August 15Mother’s DayAssumption Day
September 15Independence Day
October 12Cultures National Day
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day

New Year’s Day in Costa Rica

On January 01, the New Year’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. On this day people plan a family gathering and enjoy dinner on late night, learn more…

Juan Santamaria Day in Costa Rica

On April 11, the Juan Santamaria Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. The drummer in army Juan Santamaria is considered as a national hero and this day is celebrated to commemorate his death, learn more…

Holy Week Holidays Costa Rica

In , 28 March to 3 April is given as a public holiday in all public sector. It is time to celebrate religious occasions in all over the country.

Good Thursday in Costa Rica

In , the April 1 is celebrated as the Good Thursday in Costa Rica. The other names of this day are “Paschal Thursday”, “Sheer Thursday”, and “Passion Thursday”.

Good Friday in Costa Rica

In , the April 2, is celebrated as Good Friday in Costa Rica. It is a public holiday and observed on Friday before Easter Sunday.

Workers or Labour Day in Costa

May 01, is celebrated as the Labour Day in Costa Rica and all over the world. This day is celebrated to give tribute to the work of workers of the community.

Guanacaste Day in Costa Rica

On July 25, the Guanacaste Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. It is a celebration of Costa Rica’s annexation.

Virgin of Ls Angeles Day in Costa Rica

August 02, is celebrated as Virgin of Ls Angeles Day in Costa Rica. This public holiday is also known as Virgen de Los Angeles and a celebration of some Patron Saint of Costa Rica, learn more…

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica

On August 15 the Mother’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. This is a public holiday and also known as Assumption Day of the Blessed Virgin Marry, learn more…

Independence Day in Costa Rica

On September 15, Independence Day is celebrated in Costa Rica. It is celebrated to commemorates the independence from Spain in 1821, learn more…

Cultures National Day in Costa Rica

October 12, is celebrated as Cultures National Day in Costa Rica. It commemorates America’s discovery by Columbus.

Christmas Day in Costa Rica

Just all over the world the December 25, is celebrated as Christmas day in Costa Rica. It is a public holiday all private and government sectors are closed on this day.

Boxing Day in Costa Rica

Boxing Day in Costa Rica is celebrated on Thursday, 26th December. On this day servants received a Christmas Box from there masters as a gift.

Fact and Figures about Costa Rica

All the fact and figures about Costa Rica are enlisted below.

The Capital of Costa Rica

The national capital of Costa Rica is San José. It is situated in the central valley and the largest city f the country. San José is the hub of political and economic activities.

President of Costa Rica

Carlos Alvarado Quesada is the current president of Costa Rica and elected in , on May-08. This 38 years old guy serving as the 48th President of Costa Rica.

Vice President of Costa Rica

The 1st Vice President Epsy Campbell Barr is serving as the current president of Costa Rica. She was elected in , on May-08.

The Population of Costa Rica

In 2017, the estimated population of Costa Rica is over 4.906 million which is equivalent to 0.06% of the world’s total population. It is ranked on 123rd position in the most populated countries in the world.

Flag of Costa Rica

The current flag features a tri-color horizontal stripes design of Blue, White, and Red color. The color ration is 1:1:2:1:1. There is an emblem located in the red stripe of the flag.

The Currency of Costa Rica

The official currency of Costa Rica is the colon. The official code of the currency is CRC and the most commonly used symbol is ₡.

The Religion of Costa Rica

Majority of the population adhere to Christianity in which 52% are Catholic and 25% are Protestants. While other 17% Atheist and 3% are non-religious.

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Dialing Code of Costa Rica

The international code of Costa Rica is +506.

Crime Rate of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a crime index 56.10 and safety index 43.90 in the world.

Famous Airports of Costa Rica

Some of the busiest airports of Costa Rica are Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport which serves Liberia city located in the Guanacaste province, Limón International Airport which serves Limón city located in the Limón province, Juan Santamaría International Airport which serves San José city located in the Alajuela province, and Tobías Bolaños International Airport which serves San José city located in the San José province.

Top Destinations of Costa Rica

This county is also referred to as the Switzerland of Latin America due to its natural beauty and stunning sceneries. Some of the best places to visit here are Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay, Arenal Volcano National Park & La Fortuna, Tamarindo, Playa Langosta & Playa Grande, Manuel Antonio & Manuel Antonio National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Tortuguero National Park, Santa Teresa & Mal Pais, and Montezuma.

Area of Costa Rica

The total area of Costa Rica is 51,100 Sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Costa Rica

In 2017, the estimated GDP f Cost Rica was 57.06 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.09% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Costa Rica

Football is the most loved sport in Costa Rica. While other sports such as Mountain Biking, White Water Rafting, and Sportfishing are also played here.

The government also declare bank holidays in all public and private sectors on religious festivals according to official holiday calendars.

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