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Day of Ashura: Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Sad Poetry Shayari, Whatsapp Status

Ashura in Pakistan will begin in the evening ofAshura 2022 in Pakistan will begin in the evening of Sunday, 7 August and ends in the evening of Monday, 8 August Dates may vary

Day of Ashura is observed as a local vacation in Pakistan and also celebrated in other countries having a large community of Muslims all over the world as well as bordering countries like Afghanistan and India. The word Ashura is derived from the Arabic phrase which means tenth, and this day is observed on the 10th date of the month of Muharram of the Islamic religion.

Muslims categories like Shia and Sunni observe this day; however, they celebrate it for various causes. Majority of the Sunni community is living in Pakistan; however, according to some surveys, it is measured that over 10-25% Shia community is settled in Pakistan. According to surveys, it is measured that about 200 million public is living in Pakistan, which is equivalent to approximately 40 million number of Shias, which is considered as the third huge population of Shias all over the globe. So, Pakistan has a powerful civilization of this day. In  this day will be observed on the nightfall of Monday on September 9.

Every year this day is observed by the Muslims all over the globe on the same date according to the Islamic calendar, whereas the date of the solar calendar changes year after year. The Gregorian calendar is also known as the solar calendar, and the Islamic calendar is known as the lunar calendar. This dissimilarity shows that every year about 11 days of difference can be seen for this day in the solar calendar. The date of this day can be changed from nations to nations subjected to the moon that either it can be seen in nations or not. These dates can be calculated by the analysis every date by the astrologists but not on the authentic observation of the full moon by the human eye. On this government of Pakistan and all other nations announces the local vacation to observe this day peacefully.

Muslims around the globe celebrates this day peacefully, while for Shia community this day is a very sad day and it can also be observed as the remembrance of the sacrifice of Hussain for Islam at Karbala. This day can be observed as the death anniversary of the Hussain who was the ruler of the 7th century and was murdered in the fight of the Karbala. On this day millions of Muslim people, grieve all over the globe to commemorate the bravery of Hussain to withstand in front of a sinful torturer known as Yazid.

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Hussain, who was the nephew of Muhammad, who came into this world in 620 AD, and was belonged to that family, that was famous by having an ideology of love, respect, and calmness. He was the ruler who was famous everywhere by his kindness, judgment, and honesty. Shortly following upon the passing of Muhammad, the Muslim realm had dropped into governmental lawlessness and dishonesty since Yazid taken charge and gradually started crushing the ethical structure of the community.

Yazid desired to get a promise of loyalty from Hussain to pick up validity for his illicit guideline. Hussain gets out through the good commitment towards his standards public equity and respect, and then he turned down his objections to do this, notwithstanding as long as it is a hazard for him.

Hussain decided to withstand and started a little yet relentless revolution. He decided to leave the solace of his hometown and then starts traveling towards the east to current Iraq. He continued his journey along with his relatives and children and members of his house and also with seventy-two allies to clarify this he didn’t need savagery, yet he would be ready to shield his personality, and he penance his all belongings for the benefits of his individuals.

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When Yazid listened to the news of the journey of the Hussain, and he has no terror. It brings some energy in Yazid, and he immediately sent his armed force containing thirty thousand soldiers to stop the Marche of Hussain along with his companions. His soldiers stopped Hussain and his companions from making any advanced movement till Hussain vowed devotion, yet he refused and turned down the decision of Yazid. As a result, Yazid requested his military to assault and murder Hussain along with his companions. This all incident happened on the 1st Islamic month Muharram 10th date that is called as the Ashura.

Day of Ashura and Karbala

Hussain along with his companions was blocked in the barren place which called as Karbala in Iraq, a place where they face a strict shortage of water for about three days. On the morning of this day, Hussain along with his companions offered their prayers, by realizing the situation they are going to face next was sure annihilation yet by knowing this fact all of them stayed ardent and faithful to their standards.

The fight of Karbala started in the afternoon, little groups of males of the camp of Hussain were sent to battle fearlessly by facing the Yazid’s military. Consistently his companions battled and killed and in the end, Hussain had no other companion who could help his opposition.

In the end, Hussain got exhausted, parched and was intensely injured he batted fearlessly in front of his foe, till the end and fall on the floor. The troops of the opponent assaulted him all over the body by swords, lances, and bolts and in the end, a man whose name was Shimr heartlessly decapitated Hussain over the consuming Karbala’s fields.

What Do People Do On Day of Ashura?

Shia and Sunni communities celebrate this day in separate means. Sunnis observe this day as the Triumph given by God to the Muslims. Sunnis observe this by fasting the whole day. Sunnis also cook special kind of meals on this day, and they distribute it to their family member, relatives, and friends. They also used to distribute these meals to the poor and also to their neighbors. Sunnis Also used to visit graveyards, and they offer recitations of the verses of their holy book Quran and also pray for the souls of their beloved ones who have been passed away. While Shia community, celebrate this day by morning routines and in the memory of the death of Hussain. On this day both genders of Shia community wear black clothes and they walk through the roads by beating their chests and reciting. Some males of Shia community try to imitate the pain of Hussain by beating their bodies and heads by chains and made cuts on their bodies until the blood begin to come out from their bodies. Few heads of the Shia communities and gatherings demoralize the bloodshed by stating that it creates a bad impact on Shia communities. These heads urge individuals to donate their blood to the needy people. Shia community beat their chests and bodies by chanting Ya Hussain on this day. They also organize some meetings at night time on this day. At these meetings, the heads of the Shia Communities describe the whole incident of the Karbala to the listeners that happened on this day.

Where to Celebrate?

This day can be observed in all regions of the world where Muslim communities are living including Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and many other Arab nations.

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