Easter Sunday Philippines

April 17 Easter Sunday in Philippines

Easter Sunday Philippines , Saviour's cross on dramatic sunrise sceneAfter the Holy Week which ends on Black Saturday, Easter Sunday succeeds and people, especially Christians and Catholics, from all over the world celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death after being crucified on Good Friday. After the days of mourning in the Holy Week, Easter Sunday is the joyous day wherein people celebrate by feasting, playing Easter games, and greeting each other during this symbolic day. Easter Sunday Philippines is already very near and marks one of the Philippine Holidays. Hence, you should prepare for the Easter festivities. It will be on April 17, which is just right around the corner.

How to Celebrate Easter Sunday Philippines?

Easter Sunday  can be celebrated in a lot of different ways. Usually, people start by going to the Church to participate in the holy mass that marks Jesus Christ’s resurrection. After joining the mass, people usually go home to celebrate with their friends and families by eating fancy foods and feasting. Some people are very excited about the foods prepared because most of them celebrated the holy week by fasting.

Other people celebrate Easter Sunday even at 12:00 am by lighting up fireworks and marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death.


Most children get very excited during Easter Sunday because they participate in Easter Egg Hunts. This kind of game makes children look for painted eggs hidden in various places. Those with the most number of eggs found after a certain time limit will win good prizes. Some children who may not have won still have the chance to receive good prizes if those are indicated inside the eggs.

Easter Sunday Philippines Quotes, Messages, and Wishes

Of course, Easter Sunday cannot be celebrated completely without sending Easter Sunday messages, quotes, and wishes to your friends and family members. Here are some that you can share:

May this year’s Easter bring your hope and joy.

Happy Easter!


Easter is not just about God’s resurrection…

It’s also about the elimination of slavery…

A unification of conscience and faith.

Have a blessed Easter!


My wishes for your this Easter.

Good health,

Good fortune,

And Fulfilling life.

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday Philippines WhatsApp and Facebook Status

Below are some Easter Sunday WhatsApp Status and Easter Sunday Facebook Status you can share online:

May the day that God has resurrected bring you happiness, love, and joy.

Have a fulfilling and joyful Easter!

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with peace, joy, and cheer!

Have a happy Easter!



Now, you know various Easter Sunday quotes, wishes, messages, and status that you can post in your social media account or you can share with your friends and relatives. Aside from that, you now also know the essence of the Easter Sunday celebration. make sure to keep all of this in mind so that you can properly celebrate the upcoming Easter Sunday and all the remaining Philippine Holidays .

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