Legal Services Day in India

Spreading Awareness for Ensuring Fair Justice Procedure for All Indian Citizens on "Legal Services Day" observed next on November 9

Everyone has the right to legal assistance. Nowadays, all people, both complainants and plaintiffs have the right to get assistance from legal experts such as lawyers. However, before the widespread existence of the legal industry, people did not have much understanding of the law. Unfortunately, even up until today, there are still some people who don’t understand legal services. For this reason, Legal Services Day is celebrated every year on November 9, in order to make people understand the importance of lawyers as well as the principles of law and legal services.

Legal Services Day in India

About Legal Services Day

During Legal Services Day various groups, communities, and organizations come to the nearest legal offices in order to host events that celebrate their lawyers. These events aim to motivate lawyers in order to prolong and improve the services they offer to the citizens. This day also aims to give appreciation to people who give their time and effort into resolving legal matters. These people are the ones who took a lot of time studying the law in order to apply it strategically in real life.

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The origin of the Legal Services Day in India can be traced back to the enactment of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 on October 11, 1987. This act took effect on November 9, 1995. Under its provision, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) of India was constituted. It undertook activities including the disposal of cases through amicable settlement and mediation and the provision of free legal services to those who need them. This was an effort done to minimize the backlog of the Indian courts. It also aimed to strengthen the access to justice of the needy litigants.

To commemorate such founding, the Legal Services Day was declared by the Supreme Court of India to be a national holiday celebrated every 9th of November each year, commemorating the enactment day of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987.


Legal Services Day is always celebrated on the 9th of November every year. This means that the upcoming Legal Services Day will be celebrated on  November 9.

Why Celebrate

The following are the main reasons why you should participate in the celebration of Legal Services Day:

To Settle a Legal Matter You Are Involved In

If you are one of those people who currently face a legal matter, then it is all the more reason for you to celebrate this day. This might be your perfect time to settle in a legal matter so that you can make your records clean or in order to settle anything you are complaining about.

To Recognize the Importance of Legal Services

As mentioned earlier, there are still some people who do not understand a lot of things about the legal industry and law. If you are one of them, then you should participate in celebrating this day so as to improve your understanding of legal services and the law.

To Become Inspired of Becoming a Lawyer

Perhaps you are considering to become a lawyer someday. If you do, then you should celebrate this day to strengthen such motivation. There are a lot of activities that you can participate in which will make your understanding of the law at lot better. Knowing more about this industry will prepare you for what’s ahead in your life, and in your possible future career in the legal industry.

Celebration Ideas and Activities

The following are the best things to do to make your celebration of Legal Services Day as best as it can be:

Volunteer in a Lawyer’s Office

Perhaps you can celebrate this day by volunteering in a lawyer’s office. You can check a nearby law office to find out if they will be hosting an event for this celebration. If they will, find out if you can lend them a hand to make the celebration a lot smoother and more successful.

Get Legal Assistance

If you are in need of legal assistance, then this is the perfect time to go to a law office to seek legal aid. Settling legal matters is indeed very important, especially nowadays. Celebrating this day by doing this is perhaps the perfect thing that you can do during this special day.

Celebrate on Social media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media by using the hashtag #legalassistanceday. You can do this to let your friends, family, and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this special day.

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