Lincolns Birthday

12 February Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln’s Birthday – is also known as the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln or Lincoln Days. It is one of the federal events that has been celebrated on a national level every year on the 12th of February. This event is celebrated in the states of Illinois, Connecticut, Missouri, & New York. Lincoln’s Day is actually the day which commands the celebration of Abraham Lincoln Birthday and serves the day in the honor of Lincolns as the 16th president who is very famous as the Great Emancipator.

History of Abraham Lincoln’s

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) seated and holding his spectacles and a pencil on Feb. 5, 1865 in portrait by Alexander GardnerThe historical backdrop of Lincoln’s Birthday goes back to February 12, 1809, when he was Kentucky State of Hardin Country. Lincoln started his political profession at 23 years old in 1832 when he ran an unsuccessful crusade as Whig Party Member for the Illinois General Assembly. And in 1854 he joins the newly formed Republican party and later on in 1860 Abraham Lincolns win the presidency. And during the American Civil War, he remained president throughout and he was known for his Emancipation Proclamation.

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And in 1865 April, John Wilkes Booth Assassinated Lincoln in Washington DC at Ford’s Theatre. The earliest known observance of Lincoln’s birthday has been recorded as 1866, one year after his death.

In 1875 Buffalo, New York, the Julius Francis a pharmacist made it his life’s main goal to respect the perished president. He over and over requested of Congress to build up Lincoln’s birthday as a legitimate occasion & celebrate Federal Holiday. And before that Lincoln’s Birthday, was never a Federal Government occasion all through the whole United States.

After that it as Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated as a Holiday and today on the 12th of February in most states of America isn’t commended independently, as an independent occasion, however, rather is joined with an event of President George Washington’s birthday and celebrated either as Presidents’ Day or as Washington’s Birthday. But in the following states of America, Lincoln’s Birthday is celebrated as federal occasion and people enjoy government holiday.

  • Missouri

Some Common Traditions of Lincolns Birthday

It’s a time of honor & celebration Lincoln’s Birthday. Although Lincoln’s birthday is not celebrated in all the states of America it definitely comes up with certain traditional activities among the Americans like

  • Re-enactments.
  • Birthday Parties.
  • Get-to-gathers.
  • Wreath-laying ceremonies.

Reading of Gettysburg Address (in the memory of Abraham Lincoln) in Washington DC.

You will see all of the above-mentioned traditional activities on 12 February on occasion of Lincoln’s Birthday .

I just like to mention the large-scale events which will be organized in the memory of Lincoln’s Birthday . Organizations like the Indiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, Museums, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and Heritage Trail of Lincoln in Kentucky all are the big events which will be celebrated in the memory of Abraham Lincoln.


The Republication Party members also arrange fun raising dinners on Lincolns Birthday because from the Republican Party he was the first president.

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Lincolns Birthday Observance

YearDayDateEventStates Country
Fri26 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
Fri12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
Fri12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
Fri26 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
Fri12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
Fri12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
Fri26 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
2022Fri11 FebLincoln’s Birthday observedState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2022Sat12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2022Sat12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
2022Fri25 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
2023Sun12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2023Sun12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
2023Mon13 FebLincoln’s Birthday observedState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2023Fri24 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
2024Mon12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2024Mon12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
2024Fri29 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana
2025Wed12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayState holidayCT, IL, MO, NY
2025Wed12 FebLincoln’s BirthdayLocal observanceFlorida
2025Fri28 NovLincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s DayState holidayIndiana

People Also Ask

Is Lincoln’s birthday a national holiday?

Lincoln’s Birthday is undoubtedly celebrated in the memory and honor of Abraham Lincoln who was one of the most popular presidents of the US. In some states of America, it is the 12th of February is stated as Holiday. This event is also known as Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday or Lincoln Day.

Do we go to school on Lincoln’s birthday?

On the day of Abraham Birthday, the CPS students have a day off. Most of the schools remain closed on Lincoln’s Birthday. Feb 12, is stated as a holiday in many states of the United States of America.

What is open on Lincoln’s birthday?

This year Lincoln’s Birthday is coming on Monday: So, what’s Open & what’s closed is an important question. Schools & government agencies in most states of America will stay closed. Rest of the things are independent.

Who gets Lincoln’s birthday off?

It’s Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday today and in most of the states of US, you will observe the day as a paid holiday. Currently, Lincoln’s Birthday is celebrated unofficially across the whole nation.

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