Look Up at the Sky Day

We celebrate the National Look Up at the Sky Day every Look Up at the Sky Day14th of April each year. During this day, we all hope for a good weather so that we can all look up at the skies to see the beauty that is directly above as. There are so many things to see in the sky as we sit back and relax. We can see the blue color of the open space, the cloud and their different shapes, the sunset, the various birds that fly around, and the beautiful moon and the many stars at nighttime. This is such a day to enjoy such beauty.

What is Look Up at the Sky Day?

During this day, people are encouraged to spend time to look up at the sky. There are so many things to see including the beautiful nature and even man made things like airplanes and flying balloons. The experience of celebrating this day becomes even better at night when people can see the dazzling moon in its current shape and the many stars shining above. This is the time to just take a moment and appreciate and enjoy the surroundings above.

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What is the history of Look Up at the Sky Day?

Unfortunately, even with extensive research on this topic, we cannot pinpoint exactly how the Look Up at the Sky Day started. We don’t even know who started it in the first place. However, we are sure about one thing – the celebration of this day started so that people can enjoy a day where they have an excuse to observe and enjoy the sky. Perhaps the founder of this day thought that even in our hectic lives, we should still dedicate time to appreciate even the little things around us. Our world is just so full of beautiful things and one of them is the sky.

When is Look Up at the Sky Day?

This unofficial holiday is always celebrated on the 14th of April each year. This means that the people will be celebrating the Look Up at the Sky Day on April 14.

Why celebrate the Look Up at the Sky Day?

This event might sound a little bit shallow and boring to some people. But it actually has a deep meaning and is also very important. People should ask themselves, when was the last time I spent a relaxing time gazing the scenery of the night sky? If they can’t tell right away when that happened, then chances are they have done it already a long time ago, like perhaps when they were still kids.

And so the activity of looking up at the sky is not just for the kids. It is for everyone. In fact, out of all the people, it must be adults that should really take time to do this. It could relieve them of their stress from all the things that they do at work.

What is the symbol of Look Up at the Sky Day?

Although the Look Up at the Sky Day does not have an official symbol, people associate this day with stars and the clear blue sky. And hence when you celebrate this day, you can see people sharing photos or images of different stars, the moon, and just the clear blue sky in general. You might want to associate these pictures as well when you celebrate the Look Up at the Sky Day.

How to Celebrate Look Up at the Sky Day?

At first, one may think that the celebration of this event is limited only to a number of activities. But actually, there are so many fun things to do. Some of them are the following:

Relax and Enjoy the Scenery of the Sky

Perhaps the most obvious activity that you can easily do to celebrate this special day is to relax and enjoy the scenery of the sky. You can enjoy by yourself or invite your friends and family to a picnic where you can lay down on some green grass as you enjoy the various picnic foods you have in the basket while taking a look at the sky.

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Do Some Star Gazing

Another good thing to do during this day is to do some star gazing. Perhaps you have a telescope at home that you can use to view the different stars at night. You can even spot some nearby planets including Venus and Mars. You can also take a closer look at the craters of the moon. It would also be fun to have a zoomed in picture of airplanes as they fly across the sky.

Draw the Night Sky

If you are creative enough, then another activity you can try to do to celebrate the Look Up at the Sky Day is to draw the night sky. With materials in hand, you can go out either at night or daytime and paint or draw the sky as you see it. This will surely be a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do.

Some Interesting Facts About the Look Up at the Sky Day

And of course, your celebration of this day will not be fun to the max if you don’t share some cool facts about the Look Up at the Sky Day. Here are some of them:

  • A special light can be given off by the sky which is called the aurora. This is a usual phenomenon in Iceland.
  • When you take a look at the shining stars, you are actually looking at the light that they have emitted thousands of years ago. It takes millions of light years for the light of these stars to reach us.
  • There is a star that shines bright just like a diamond. The reason is that, well, it is because the star is entirely diamond. It was named Lucy.
  • Almost all the star that you see in the night sky is bigger and brighter than our sun. The sun is also a star and it is the one closest to us.
  • Day and night, dust dances around the moon.
  • Don’t be deceived by clouds. They look light and fluffy. But in reality, they are actually very heavy for they contain all the rain that causes even downpours.
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