World Milk Day

World Milk Day is celebrated every 1st of June of each year. Such a celebration is founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization to recognize the importance of milk in our daily lives. Milk contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that are good for our health. Perhaps the most important component is calcium which strengthens our teeth and bones. And so we dedicate a special day just for milk. This holiday, according to people, is so fun to celebrate just like International Coffee Day. Various activities are done to celebrate this special day.

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What is the World Milk Day?

Milk is an important part of our daily diet. And so, World Milk Day provides a great opportunity for the world to know more about this healthy drink. It aims to spread the word to the public about why milk is healthy and why it is an important part of our daily diet. During this day, various organizations work together to disseminate this special information to people around the world.World Milk Day

History of the World Milk Day

World Milk Day actually has a good history. It can all be traced back to the formalization of the event by the FAO of the UN. However, even before that, many countries already celebrated the event in their own ways. FAO just acted to formalize the event and make it official. And so, countries can all celebrate the event on the same day.

When did the World Milk Day Start?

The first World Milk Day was celebrated in 2001. Several countries participated in the first celebration. But as the celebrations continued for the next years, more and more countries participated.

Why celebrate World Milk Day?

This day provides a good opportunity to focus the attention of people on milk. Many activities related to milk and the milk industry, in general, are publicized during this day. The importance of this celebration can be evidently seen from how many countries participate in this international activity each year. Milk is such an important global food.

Where did the World Milk Day start?

This day was founded by the Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO of the United Nations in 2001. They were the ones that proposed to celebrate this day on this specific day.

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Why is World Milk Day celebrated on June 1?

The date of June 1 for the event was chosen just so because many countries were already celebrating the day on this specific day. The initial proposal was actually late May. However, countries like China already had too many celebrations during that month. Now, some countries celebrate the day for the entire first week of June or even a week after that.

When is World Milk Day?

This Fun holiday is held every 1st of June of each year. This means that this year, we are going to celebrate this special day on June 1.

How to Celebrate the World Milk Day?

Various events can be held to celebrate World Milk Day. In fact, many people from different countries participate in such events to maximize their celebration of this day.

Start Drinking Milk

If you haven’t started drinking milk yet, then this day provides the best opportunity for you to do so. You can either purchase milk as a powder or as a liquid from the local grocery store. You can start living a healthy life by drinking milk every day.

Create Dishes with Milk as an Ingredient

You can also celebrate this day by creating dishes with milk as an ingredient. Various dishes like scrambled eggs, pancakes, and cakes can be made with milk. It will be a good thing to celebrate the day by making these kinds of dishes. You can look for guides on recipes and cookbooks that can teach you how to make these kinds of dishes.

Participate in Lectures and Information Dissemination Activities

You can also celebrate this day by participating in some lectures and information dissemination activities about milk. You can become a more responsible citizen by informing other people about the health benefits of milk as well as the importance of including milk in one’s diet.

Facts for the World Milk Day

Of course, the celebration of this day cannot be maxed out if you don’t share some good and interesting facts for the World Milk Day.

  • This day started in June 1, .
  • This day was founded by the Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
  • Various countries participate in this event each year.
  • People aim to spread information about milk for this day. There are press releases developed and distributed to local and national radio, media, and TV.


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