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Burundi is officially the Republic of Burundi. It is a small country which is located on the East and Central part of the African continent.  Gitega is the current capital which is moved from Bujumbura in . With a population of almost 8.5 million, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. It consists of 17 provinces with 117 communes and 2,638 collines. In 2000, the Bujumbura province divided into two provinces called Bujumbura Mairie and Bujumbura Rural.  Bubanza, Bujumbura Mairie, Bujumbura Rural, Bururi, Cankuzo, Rutana, Cibitoke, Gitega, Karuzi, Kayanza, Kirundo, Makamba, Muramvya, Muyinga, Mwaro, Ngozi, and Ruyigi are its provinces.


Holiday List Burundi

FridayJanuary 01New Year’s Day
TuesdayFebruary 05Unity Day
TuesdayApril 06President Ntarmyamira Day
SaturdayMay 01Labour DayInternational Labour Day
Thursday May 13Ascension Day40 Days after Easter
ThursdayJuly 01Independence Day
Mon – TueJuly 19 – 20Eid Al AdhaDate varies on Lunar Cycle
SundayAugust 15Assumption Day
WednesdayOctober 13Prince Louis Rwagasore Day
ThursdayOctober 21President Ndadaye’s Day
MondayNovember 01All Saints’ Day
SaturdayDecember 25Christmas Day

Capital of Burundi

The national capital of Burundi is Gitega which is moved from Bujumbura. The current population of this city is consists of 22,989 individuals.

President of Burundi

Pierre Nkurunziza is the current president of Burundi and elected in 2005, on Aug-26.


Vice President of Burundi

Gaston Sindimwo is serving as the first vice president of Burundi. He was appointed by the president in 2015, on Aug 20.

Population of Burundi

According to an estimate in , on March-19, the total population of Burundi is 11,469,504. It ranked on 80th position among the most populated countries in the world. Burundi’s population is 0.15% of the total population of the world.


Flag of Burundi

The national flag has gone through many revisions but the current flag is consist of two white saltires which diagonally cuts the field into alternating green and red areas.


Currency of Burundi

The national currency of Burundi is franc. The official code is BIF, and the most commonly used symbol is FBu.

Religion of Burundi

Among the total population, 67% are Christian, 32% has indigenous beliefs, only 1% are Muslims.

Dialing code of Burundi

The international dialing code of Argentina is +257.

Crime Rate of Burundi

Burundi has crime index 59.51 and safety index 40.49 in the world.

Famous Airport of Burundi

Some of the busiest airports of Burundi are Bujumbura International Airport which serves Bujumbura city in Bujumbura Province, Gitega Airport which serves Gitega city in Gitega province, Nyanza-Lac Airport which serves Nyanza-Lac city in Makamba province, and Kirundo Airport which serves kirundo city in Kirundo province.

Top Destinations of Burundi

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa but this it packs with a lot of stunning natural sceneries.  Some best places to visit in Burundi are Lake Tanganyika, Rusizi River National Park, Ruvubu National Park, Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve, Kibira National Park, Kigwena Natural Forest, Gitega, Gishora, Mount Heha, Saga Beach, Source du Nil, Chutes de la Karera, Vyanda Natural Reserve, and Bururi Nature Reserve.

Area of Burundi

It has a total area of 27,834 sq. Kilometer, of which about 7% consist of lakes.

GDP of Burundi

The estimated GDP of Burundi in 2017 was 3.48 billion US Dollars, which is 0.01% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Burundi

Some of the most commonly played sports in Burundi are Football (Soccer), Basketball. Track and Field, Judo, and Rugby.


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