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Holidays and observances in Chile

Chile is officially the Republic of Chile. It is situated in the south-western region of South America. Majority of its population is Spanish speaking. It occupies a long strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and Andes. It shares its border with Bolivia in the Northeast, Peru in the North, the Drake Passage in the Far South, and Argentina in the East. It claims to be a part of the Antarctic continent and also the longest country in the world. In the northern region of the country, the Atacama Desert is the driest place in the world and packed with mineral wealth. The country is very fertile in the middle and has Mediterranean Climate with temperature ranging from 28o C to 11o C from January to July.

Majority population is Christian and respect all traditional, religious, and cultural events. They warmly enjoy a national holiday celebration. The Chilean government declares legal holidays according to the official holiday calendar.

Holidays in Chile

January 01New Year’s Day
14 AprilPalm Sunday Beginning of Holy Week
April 19Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
April 20Holy Saturday
May 01Labour Day
May 12Mother’s Day2nd Sunday in May. Not a Public Holiday
May 21Navy DayDay of Glories of Chilean Navy
June 16Father’s Day3rd Sunday in June. Not a Public Holiday
July 01Saint Peter And Saint Paul  Day HolidayFeast of Saint Peter and Paul
July 16Our Lady of Mount Carmel
August 15Assumption DayAssumption of Mary
September 18Independence Day of Chile
September 19Army DayDay of the Glories of Chilean Army
October 14Race Day HolidayMoved to Monday 14 October
November 01All Saints’ Day
November 01Reformation DayProbably moved to Friday 1 November
December 08Immaculate Conception DayAlso known as Virgins Day
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day

New Year’s Day in Chile

January 01, is celebrated as the New Year’s Day in Chile Just like the rest of the world. It is the start of New Year according to Gregorian Calendar.

Good Friday in Chile

On April 2, the Friday is celebrated as Good Friday in Chile. This day is celebrated before Easter Sunday. It is declared as public holiday by the Chilean government, learn more

Holy Saturday in Chile

On April 3, the Saturday is celebrated a Holy Saturday in Chile. This day is celebrated after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday, learn more…

Labour Day in Chile

Just like the rest of the world the Labour Day is held on May 01 in Chile. This day is celebrated to give tribute to the services of workers of every community,

Mother’s Day in Chile

The May 9th, is celebrated a Mother’s Day in Chile. This day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in May to show appreciation to all mother figures.

Navy Day in Chile

May 21, is celebrated as Navy Day in Chile. This Day is held to commemorates the Glories of the Chilean Navy during the War of Pacific.

Father’s Day in Chile

June 20, is celebrated as Father’s Day in Chile. This day is held in the 3rd Sunday in June and not a public holiday.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day Holiday in Chile

July 28, is considered as Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day Holiday in Chile. It is declared a public holiday in Chile, learn more…

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Day in Chile

July 16, is celebrated as the holiday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Day in Chile. It is a purely Christian event that relates to Catholicism, learn more…

Assumption Day in Chile

August 15, is celebrated as Assumption Day in Chile. This day is purely related to Christian beliefs and given as public holiday by the Chilean government, learn more…

Independence Day of Chile

September 18, is celebrated as the Independence Day of Chile. It commemorates the date of the First National Meeting of government in 1810, learns more…

Army Day in Chile

September 19, is celebrated as Army Day in Chile. This day is especially held to give tribute to the services and devotions that armed forces made for the country, learn more…

Race Day Holiday in Chile

October 12, is celebrated as the Race Day Holiday in Chile. It is a public holiday that is moved to Tuesday 12 October , learn more…

All Saints’ Day in Chile

November 01, is celebrated as All Saints’ Day in Chile. This is purely a Christian celebration of all Christian saints. The other names of this day are All-Hallowmas, All Hallows’ Day, and All Hallows Tide learn more…

Reformation Day in Chile

October 31, is celebrated as Reformation Day in Chile. This day is declared as a public holiday for all sectors of the country by the government, learn more…

Immaculate Conception Day in Chile

December 08, is celebrated as Immaculate Conception Day in Chile. This day is also known as Virgins Day and Feast of Immaculate Conception, learn more…

Christmas Day in Chile

December 25th is celebrated as Christmas day in Chile just like the rest of the world. This is a public holiday in all public and government sectors, and in schools and colleges as well, learn more…

Boxing Day in Chile

December 26, Sunday is celebrated as boxing day in Chile. This is specially related to servants when they received a gift from there masters.

Fact and Figures about Chile

All fact and figures about Chile are discussed in this article below. Take a look if you want to know anything about them.

Capital of Chile

The current capital of Chile in Santiago. It is the largest city in the country and one of the largest cities in the Americas. It is located in the center of the country and having an average population of 7 million.

President of Chile

The Sebastián Piñera is the current president of Chile and elected in , on Mar-11. In Chile, the president serves as the head of the state and the head of government as well.

Population of Chile

In 2017, the estimated population of Chile was over 18.4 million which is equivalent to 0.02% of the total world population. It ranked at 62nd position in the world’s most populated countries.

Flag of Chile

The current flag is consists of two equal bands of white and red color with a blue square in the top right corner of size exactly the same to white, which contains five-pointed white star in middle.

Currency of Chile

The national currency of Chile is Chilean Peso. The official code for currency is CLP, and the most commonly used symbol is $.

Religion of Chile

According to the survey, 68% of the total population belongs to Christianity in which 54% are Roman Catholics and 14 are Protestants. While 25% are Unaffiliated, 0.09% Judaism, and 6.91% are others.

Dialing code of Chile

The international dialing code of Chile is +56.

Crime Rate of Chile

Chile has a crime index 50.45 and safety index 49.55 in the world.

Famous Airport of Chile

Being a South American country Chile has various national and international flights on a daily basis. Some of the busiest airports of Chile are Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport located in the Santiago, El Tepual Airport located in Peurto Montt, El Loa Airport located in Calama, Cerro Moreno International Airport located in the Antofagasta, Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport located in the Punta Arenas, Diego Aracena International Airport located in the Iquique, Carriel Sur International Airport located in the Concepción, and Temuco Airport located in the Temuco.

Top Destinations of Chile

Chile has everything from driest deserts to freezing glaciers. This thin looking country has lot of stunning places that worth visiting including Torres del Paine National Park, San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, Valparaiso, The Wine Valleys, Chiloe, Pisco Elqui, Carretera Austral, and Easter Island.

Area of Chile

The total area of Chile is 756,950 sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Chile

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Central African Republic is 277.1 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.45% of the total world’s economy.

Sports of Chile

Chile is a sports-loving country and football is the most loved and played here, while the most successful sport is tennis.


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