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General Information & Wishes Messages Greetings Sayings Captions For Halloween

Halloween occurs on 31st October. It is a patchwork holiday, stitched together with cultural, religious, spiritual, Catholic and Celt traditions that span centuries. The word “Halloween” is derived from “All Hallows Eve”. All Hallows Eve is the eve before the Christian feast of All Hallows or Hallowmas (celebrated on November 1).

Learn About Halloween

Over 2000 decades back, October 31st was the day when Celts celebrated the ending of the harvest season in a festival called Samhain. That night also marked the Celtic New Year and has been considered a magic time when the ghosts of the deceased walked the Earth. With the arrival of Christians, the Samhain festival was merged with the Catholic Holiday of Hallowmas and soon came to be known as Halloween. Today, Halloween is the 2nd highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas and a $9 billion holiday in the US.

Creation of Halloween

Halloween began about 2000 decades back in Ireland. The holiday originated from the Celtic festival of “Samhain”. The Celts in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France celebrated this festival to mark the conclusion of the summer season and harvest time. The colder months that followed were correlated with “death” by the Celts.

Samhain started at sunset on October 31st, which the Celts believed was the time when the ghosts or spirits of the dead returned to earth since the borders between the world of the living and the death were blurred.

At the beginning of the 11th century, the Pope decided that it’d continue from October 31st until November 2nd because that is when Samhain was celebrated and the church was attempting to convert the pagans.

The Irish brought their Halloween-like customs to the US in 1840. They brought several of the holiday traditions and customs with them such as bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, and dressing in spooky costumes.

However, the commercialized Halloween that we know today started in the western world in the 1920s. And the mass manufacturing of Halloween costumes and masks did not begin until the 1950s until then Halloween costumes were homemade.

Where Did The Term “Halloween” Come From?

The term Halloween comes from the Christians. Hallowmas is a three-day Catholic holiday in which saints are respected and prayers are made for the deceased.

October 31st, the beginning of the Christian holiday of Hallowmas was called “All Hallows Eve”, which over the centuries was shortened to “All Hallows Even” and eventually in the 18th century into “Halloween”.

Why Do We Wear Spooky Outfits On Halloween?

During the Samhain festival, Celts believed that the spirits cross over to the world of the living on this night. They considered October 31st night as the time when the veil between the world of the dead and the world of living beings is the thinnest.

People started to get frightened of the spirits arriving at their lands and so they started wearing spooky masks and strange clothing in an effort to conceal themselves in the spirits, therefore, any evil spirits or ghosts would not hurt them. The Celts also lit huge bonfires to prevent the spirits of the dead and ghosts coming close to their places.

Halloween Wishes

During special festivals like Halloween, whether with family or friends, giving our very best wishes has become a tradition. We express our love through best Halloween wishes and make our nearest and dearest know how important they are in our lives by making them laugh, scare, and special with Halloween wishes that are great, spooky, and funny.

Happy Halloween Wishes

Great Halloween Wishes For Friends & Family

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Halloween Wishes For Employees and Staff

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Funny & Spooky Halloween Wishes

Halloween Greetings

There are a whole lot of greeting cards offered in shops on Halloween containing pre-written greetings and sayings. Though purchasing a card saves us time, it is extra special when people compose handwritten greetings for their loved one. Have a look at some awesome Halloween greetings to wish someone Happy Halloween.

Halloween Day Greetings and Sayings

Traditional Halloween Pun Greetings

Halloween Greetings For Morning Meetings

Romantic Halloween Greetings For Him and Her

Halloween Greetings For Grandchildren & Nephew Nieces

Halloween Phrases & Expressions

It does not matter if you copy Halloween phrases from the web, as long as it is exactly what your heart says. Have a look at the listing of catchy and popular Halloween phrases for individuals like you who are having a tricky time searching for the best phrases to write or state on this Halloween.

Popular and Clever Phrases for Halloween

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Funny Halloween Phrases

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Halloween Sayings

Following is a list of best spooky Halloween sayings — a few composed by our team and a few taken from publications and movies. Use them to your own signs, crafts, or perhaps carve them into the side of a Jack-o-Lantern.

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Halloween Ghosts Vampires and Witches Sayings

Halloween Messages

Sharing spooky and funny Halloween messages with your relatives and other community members are the perfect way to get your gang ready for the festival and also indulge in the Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Messages For Friends and Family

Scary Whatsapp Text Messages for Halloween Night

Halloween Messages For College and School Students

Halloween Party Invitation Messages

Halloween Captions and Hashtags

When uploading and sharing your Halloween costume or Halloween party photos on social media, it’s ideal that you put a great caption along with some hashtags to go with your pics. Here we have rounded up some of the best Halloween captions and lines for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These captions perfectly complement the festival and add some spark to your photos.

Halloween Captions for Instagram

Halloween Tweets for Twitter

Halloween Status Lines for Facebook

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