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Nowruz Persian New Year Countdown 1399

Nowruz, also known as the Persian New Year or the Iranian New Year, will start at the exact moment of the spring equinox. Nowruz festival will start on the first day of the first Iranian calendar month of Farvardin. The event marks the celebration of New Year, the arrival of spring, and the rebirth of nature.

This article here covers everything you need to know about Nowruz . From the Persian New Year exact date to Persian New Year  exact starting time, this article here has got you covered. Not only you will know the Nowruz time for Iran, but you will be provided with the most accurate Persian New Year times for all important places in the world where Nowruz is celebrated, including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Toronto, Los Angeles, Kurdistan, Pakistan, India, and Central Asia.

Nowruz Persian New Year: What is it?

Nowruz is the Persian name for the Persian New Year. The day marks the arrival of Persian New Year or the Iranian New Year. The day falls the exact moment of vernal or spring equinox (usually between March 19th to March 20).

Nowruz is the celebration of Persian New Year according to the official Iranian calendar month, where it falls on the first day of the first month of Farvardin.

Nowruz is mostly observed in areas which were once part of the Persian Empire and according to the latest figures, this auspicious occasion is said to have been celebrated by over 300 million people around the world.


Nowruz or the Persian New Year is all about celebrating the new year, welcoming spring, celebrating the birth and revival of frozen nature, exchanging greetings, and spreading love and peace.

Nowruz is known by many different names such as Norooz, Newruz, Navruz, Noruz, Persian New Year, Iranian New Year, Afghan New Year, Eid-e-Norooz

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Nowruz Date & Time: When The Persian New Year Will Be Celebrated?

Nowruz or the Persian New Year will begin the very moment when the sun crosses the equator on the vernal equinox, marking the start of spring and end of winter season.

The Persian New Year of will fall between March 20th and March 21 in different parts of the world. This table here presents you the Persian New Year Date and Time for different countries and cities across the globe.

Nowruz Date & Time (Iran Time):  March 20, , 01:28:27 AM

Nowruz Date & Time (Los Angeles Time PST*): March 21, , 14:58:27 PM

Nowruz 1399 Date & Time Calendar for Persian New Year

*=US & Canada DST: March 20, (except HI & AZ)

**= Iran DST: March 20, Thursday midnight, the start of Friday, Farvardin 2, 1398 (the first midnight after Saal Tahveel)

Nowruz Persian New Year in Iran (Iranian New Year )


Nowruz or the Iranian New Year will fall on  March 22, . The exact time of Nowruz in Iran is 01:28:27 AM.

The largest celebrations for the Persian New Year are held in Iran. It is Iran’s most important festival, celebrated on the vernal equinox in spring. The day is a national holiday in Iran. Most businesses remain closed for several days, while students are granted a two week Nowruz vacation from school or college.

The festivities of Nowruz in Iran will continue for around two weeks until Farvardin 13 (April 2nd) and the festival marks the revival of nature, the start of fresh life and most proper time in nature to begin a New Year. Happy Nowruz to all Iranians!

Nowruz in Afghanistan (Afghan New Year )

The Persian New Year in Afghanistan will fall on  March 20, . The timings for Nowruz in Afghanistan (Kabul) are 02:28:27 AM.

The second largest celebrations for Nowruz are held in Afghanistan, where the festival is also known as Afghan New Year. On this day, up to 300,000 Afghanis will participate in Nowruz festivities held at Mazar-i-Sharif.

The festivities for Nauruz   in Afghanistan will continue for ten days, during which Aghanis will celebrate Afghan New Year and welcome spring with great enthusiasm and an assortment of cultural events.

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Newruz in Kurdistan (Kurdish Newroz )

The Kurdish Newroz will occur on, March 20, . The timings for Kurdish Newroz are 12:58:27 AM.


Newroz or the Persian New Year will be celebrated with great pride and fervor in Kurdistan. The event holds great importance for the Kurds, as on this day Kawa the Blacksmith achieved victory over the cruel Assyrian king Zahak. Today, a large population of Kurds celebrates Nowruz to honor the triumph over King Zahak. Leaping over fires, performing cultural dances, and going to picnics, is a common Newroz tradition in Kurdistan.

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Persian New Year in Los Angeles (Nowruz )

The Persian New Year  date in Los Angeles is  March 21, . The Persian New Year time in Los Angeles is 14:58:27 PM.

Los Angeles holds the record-breaking and largest Nowruz celebrations in the United States. The Farhang Foundation holds Nowruz festivities at LACMA with fun activities for all ages. The celebrations proceed with a day of traditional Persian food, music, cultural events, and different family activities – as well as a symbolic display, Haft-Seen Table, welcoming the Persian New Year.

Nowruz in Pakistan & Nowruz in India (Eid-e-Norooz Mubarak)

The Nowruz in Pakistan will be celebrated on Thursday, March 20. The Nowruz  time in Pakistan is 02:58:27 AM (Islamabad).

The Nowruz  in India will be celebrated on Thursday, March 20. The Nowruz  starting time in India is 03:28:27 PM (New Delhi).

Nowruz celebrations in Pakistan and India are limited to Shia Muslims only. Nowruz holds great importance for Shia Muslims of India and Pakistan, as the first Shia Imam, Hazrat Ali was born on this day (March 20, 600 A.D). The day is celebrated as Eid-e-Norooz Mubarak in India and Pakistan, and many notable Shia Imams have laid emphasis on the importance of this day. Fasting, distributing food, and doing charity are some of the common Nowruz traditions in these countries.

So this is the Norooz Date and Time. If you find the above information beneficial, do share it with your friends and let me know the exact date and time of Persian New Year matching with their region.

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