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Celebrated every year on February 08, Propose Day is an unofficial holiday praised across the world on the second day of the Valentine’s Week. On this day, people come together and ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Propose Day !

What is Propose Day?

Propose Day is a day when people ask their loved one’s hand in marriage. It’s the romantic day of the year when you at long last decide to speak your heart out to the person you love the most. The day is an unofficial holiday celebrated across the world on the second day of the Valentine Week which begins from 7th February and ends on 14th February. Propose Day is commended on February 8 every year and it’s the time when people give precious gifts such as a diamond ring to propose their special ones.

*Do you know? Propose Day is gaining massive popularity across the globe and it’s continuing popularity is said to make it compete with the Valentine’s Day!

What is the History Of Propose Day?

According to a legend, Propose Day was created by John Michael O’Loughlin. He created this day when his cousin’s boyfriend was shying away from saying this to her: “I really love you, Will u marry me?” So John Michael created Propose Day to make it easy for the boyfriend to propose his lady love. During the Day, is same like National Boyfriend Day people conduct various activities.

How did Propose Day start?

Propose Day is invented for those people who want to propose someone in a romantic way but have issues with self-confidence or absence of courage. The day assists individuals to express their love and have the courage to propose the ‘loved one’ in your life.

With Propose Day, these people have their own romantic way of proposing by being in a large gathering all doing it together. Every town or city has its own meeting place, where hundreds of lovers invite their ‘someone special’, and then surprise them with a marriage proposal.

Where subtle clues have not worked, a more direct approach might be required – All thanks to Propose Day for making it possible.

Why do we celebrate Propose Day?

Single & Looking for Marriage? Propose Day is a perfect method for singles to let those they find marriageable know that they are in love with them and want to take things forward. The day is especially viable in helping those who have been dating and drifting along throughout the years without moving towards the objective of a specific commitment, for example, ‘engaged to be married‘.

Celebrated every year on February 8, the second day of the Valentine Week, Propose Day provides you with the best opportunity to express your marriage-minded intentions to the “true love” you would like to marry.

What to do on Propose Day?

The Proposal Day provides single people a great opportunity to reveal their marriage-minded intentions to the “love” they hope to marry. If both in the relationship feel shy to make their true emotions known, then this kind of standoff can continue for years… Albert Einstein once said: Nothing will happen until something moves

Propose Day is the day to take decisive action by letting those singles you find perfect, know that you trust that you and they are made for each other, and by letting those singles you love know that you take great interest in them. On this Propose day, reveal your deep-heart feelings to the love of your life.

While you get all ready to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage, you must try to propose them in the best way possible. One of the ideal approaches is getting a precious proposal gift for your “love” such as a diamond ring, the latest iPhone, or even a beautiful red rose.

You can also invite them to a romantic place, and surprise them with a marriage proposal. Just be creative and try not to make things complicated. Think of what your sweetheart likes and ensure it wraps up someplace in your proposal plan. Make sure you follow your heart… you will do great!

Propose Day Celebration Ideas: For Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Propose Day gives single individuals an extraordinary opportunity to reveal their marriage intentions to the “loved one” they would like to marry. If both in the relationship feel shy to make their actual feelings of romance for each other known, then this sort of standoff can proceed for years. So what are you waiting for? Take a courageous step this year and propose the one you like, love, and want to marry.

Happy Propose Day is the day to make a conclusive move by letting those singles you love the most, realize that you and they are made for each other. On this Propose Day, reveal your profound heart sentiments to the sweetest future partner of your life. Here we have shared different celebration ideas for proposed day. Let’s take a look at these latest and new ideas and give that extra-romantic touch to your Propose Day!

Propose Day for Girlfriend & Propose Day for Boyfriend – Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend is a big deal, Right? When you are entering into a new phase of life, you will obviously want to do it right and perfectly. Wondering how can I propose girlfriend or boyfriend on Propose Day. This day is the same as girlfriend Daypeople conduct various activities.

Propose Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Crush

Propose Day is the romantic time for lovebirds to express their emotions and feelings for someone special they want to marry. If you feel that you are falling short of words to express your deep-heart sentiments, we have put forth some best Propose Day gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend. This Valentine Week on the Propose Day (8th February), break the barriers of fear and say ‘I Love You’ to your sweetheart with the right propose day gifts.

Best Propose Day Gift Ideas & Inspirations:

  • An Enigmatic Red Roses Bouquet
  • Propose Day Flowers like Carnations, Gerbera Daisies, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips, Chrysanthemum, Blue Iris
  • Propose Day cards for him
  • Propose Day cards for her
  • Propose Day ring
  • Precious Diamond Ring or Jewelry Set
  • Heart Shaped Cake
  • I Love You Coffee Mug
  • I Love You Cushions
  • Pack Of Love Chocolates
  • A Personalized Lamp with your photos
  • I Love You Teddy Bear
  • An iPhone
  • Kissing Birds
  • Combos with Chocolates, Cake, Greeting Cards
  • I Love You Greeting Cards, Keychains, Wall Clocks

Marriage proposal Man with boquet of flowers kneeling and give engagement ring for his girlfriend

Happy Propose Day: Latest Quotes, Messages, Status, Jokes, Comments, Captions

Propose Day is just around the corner. Here in this section, we have shared the latest Propose Day quotes, messages, WhatsApp status, and images. You can send them to your girlfriend or boyfriend and make him/her feel Extra special on this day. Find your perfect message here and wish your “loved one” in the most romantic way.

This section here covers – Propose Day Messages, Propose Day Quotes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend, Propose Day Whatsapp and Facebook Status, Propose Day Messages, Propose Day SMS, Propose Day Comments, Propose Day Jokes, and Propose Day Captions.

Propose Day Funny Jokes, Status, & Quotes

Have a look at some best Propose Day Jokes that you can say to your girlfriend or boyfriend on Propose Day. These funny Propose Day jokes and messages will surely make them laugh and steal their heart!

You Hold My Heart in Your Hands … Don’t Clap!

Will You Marry Me?

  1. Yes
  2. (Option A)
  3. (Option B)

My head says, “Who cares?” But then my heart whispers, “You do, stupid…”

Can I borrow a kiss… I promise I’ll give it back

Girlfriend … Fiancee … Wife

You are the reason I look at my phone and smile. And then walk into a pole.

Let’s flip a coin. Heads, I am yours. Tails, you are mine.

Please marry me. I want to cuddle so I can steal your body heat.

Boy: I wanna be a superhero, will you guess my name?

Girl: Superman? Spiderman? Batman?

Boy: (smile) Yourman

You wanna know who I am in love with? Read the first word again.

You are Gold, Baby. Solid Gold. Please be Mine!


Some Interesting Facts About Propose Day

  • Propose Day is the best time of the year to express your deep-heart feelings to someone you love and wish to marry.
  • Everyone has their own unique ways to celebrate Propose day. Some gift roses to propose their love, some gift diamond ring, while some send propose day gifts online to express theirs to the person they wish to be with forever.
  • Colors depict an important message on the Propose day. If someone wears Blue, it means they are available for a proposal. If someone wears Red, it means they are in love with someone. If someone wears Black, it means they are not open to any relationship.
  • The Proposal Day is a pleasant opportunity every February for singles seeking marriage to romantically inform their potential marriage partners that they love them the most and that they want to propose them.

Propose Day Calendar Date and Time Table

Celebrated every year on the second day of Valentine’s Week, Propose Day is all about expressing your love for ‘someone special. Have a look at Propose Day Calendar and TimeTable.

Propose Day – 8 February

If you have finally found the partner of your dreams, Propose Day is a perfect holiday to ask for their hand in marriage. The name suggests, the day is about leaving your fears behind and propose the woman or man of your dreams.

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