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Public holidays in the Republic of the Congo

Congo flagCongo is officially known as the Republic of Congo. It is also referred to as Congo-Brazzaville and Congo Republic. It is situated on the western end of Central Africa. It shares its border with Gabon in the West, Cameroon in the Northeast, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Southeast, the Central African Republic in the Northeast, Cabinda and Angola exclave in the South, and the Atlantic Ocean in the Southeast. Previously, it was a part of French Colony and established in 1958, Nov-28, but gained independence in 1960 from France.

Republic of Congo Holidays List

January 01New Year’s Day
02 AprilGood FridayObservance
April 04Easter
April 05Easter MondayMonday After Easter
May 01Labor DayInternational Workers Day
May 13Ascension Day40 Days After Easter
May 23Pentecost Day7th Monday After Easter
May 31Reconciliation Day
August 15Independence DayNational Day
November 01All Saints’ Day
November 28Republic Day
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing DayHoliday

New Year’s Day

The New Year’s Day is the first day of the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated on the 1st of January as public holidays in many countries, learn more…

Easter Day

It is the holy event and celebrated among the Christian community all over the world. It is celebrated on Monday, learn more…

Easter Monday

Easter Monday, the day exact after the Easter Sunday, it is a public holiday and celebrated well in the Christian community of the Republic of Congo, learn more

Labour Day

May 01, is the international day that is specially dedicated for workers. It is referred to as “Labour Day” and given as a public holiday by the government, learn more…

Ascension Day

Ascension Day is also referred to as Holy Thursday. It is celebrated 40 days after Easter. In Congo it is a public holiday declared by the government, learn more

Pentecost Day

The Pentecost Day or Whit sun is celebrated by the Christian community of Congo. It is celebrated on 7th Monday after Easter, learn more…

Reconciliation Day

In Congo, the Reconciliation Day is declared as the public holidays and the majority of offices, banks, and institutes remains closed, learn more…

Independence Day

Independence Day in Congo is also referred to as National Day of Congo. This day is celebrated on 15 August because the locals from Congo regain their rights from France in 1960, on August-15, Learn more…

All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day in Congo is celebrated in the honor of all Known and Unknown Saints. It is a holy event for Christians and the government declares a public holiday on this day, learn more…

Republic Day

After gaining independence from France this day is celebrated for the country’s honor, learn more…

Christmas Day

Like many other European countries Congo also, welcome and celebrate this event very warmly. It is celebrated on 25th December and a public holiday here, learn more…

Democratic Republic of the Congo Facts and Figures

All the facts and figures about Congo are described below.


Brazzaville is the current capital of the Republic of Congo. It is located on the north bank f Congo River. With the population over 1.8 million, it the largest city of this country and serves the administrative, and financial Hub.


Denis Sassou Nguesso is the current president of Republic of Congo and elected in 1997, on Oct-25. Only six persons serve as President and he is serving the country for 21 years.

Denis Sassou Nguesso

Prime Minister

Clément Mouamba is serving as the current prime minister of Republic of Congo and elected in 2016, on April-23.


In 2017, the estimated population of the Republic of Congo is over 81.34 million which is equivalent to 0.07% of the total population of the world. It ranked on the 117th number in the world’s most populated countries.

Flag The current flag features a tri-color design of yellow bar dividing the upper green portion and lower red portion into triangle shaped halves.

Congo flag



The official currency of the Republic of Cong is Congolese franc. The official code for the currency is CDF and the most commonly used symbol is FC.

50 Congolese francs bank note of Congo. Congoles franc is the national currency of Congo
50 Congolese francs bank note of Congo. Congoles franc is the national currency of Congo


Almost 90% of its population adhere to Christianity in which 42.8% are Catholics, 38% Protestant, and 12.2% other Christians. While the other is 1% Sunni Muslims, and 1% irreligious.

Dialing Code

The international dialing code of the Republic of Congo is +242.

Crime Rate

The Republic of Congo has crime index 20.59 and safety index 79.41 in the world.

Famous Airports

Some of the busiest airports of Republic of Colombia is Bétou Airport locate in the Bétou, Boundji Airport located in the Boundji, Maya-Maya Airport located in the Brazzaville, Djambala Airport located in the Djambala, Dolisie Airport located in the Dolisie, Ewo Airport located in the Ewo, Gamboma Airport located in the Gamboma, and Impfondo Airport located in the Impfondo.

Top Destinations

The Republic of Congo is fully packed with dense natural beauty. Some of its best places that worth visiting include Basilique St. Anne, Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, Musee National du Congo (National Museum of Congo), Reserve Naturelle de Gorillas de Lesio-Louna-Lefini, Cote Sauvage, Institut Francais du Congo, Cathedrale du Sacre-Coeur de Brazzaville, and Nouabale-Ndoki National Park.


The total area of the Republic of Congo is about 342,000 sq. Kilometer.


In 2017, the Estimated GDP of the Republic of Congo was 8.723 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.01% of the total world’s economy.


The most commonly played sports in the Republic of Congo are Football, Rugby, and Basketball.



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