Hot Buttered Rum Day

17th January Hot-Buttered Rum Day

January can have different weather depending on where you are. It can be warm, frigid, cold, or chilly. But when it is cold in January, nothing is better than drinking a hot buttered rum that will surly warm up your day and give a smile on your face. If you are a fan of this beverage, then you better prepare yourself for the 17th of January because during that day, we are going to celebrate the Hot buttered rum day. if you want to learn more about this day, then you should continue reading below.


What is the Hot-Buttered Rum Day?

Hot buttered rum is a warm alcoholic beverage that is flavored with ingredients like cloves, butter, salt, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. These ingredients form a batter which is then mixed with dark, rich rum. This beverage is the best drink during the winter months. But it can be consumed all year round even during summer. Perhaps in summer you are staying in your cold room with the air conditioner turned on. If that’s the case, then enjoying a hot buttered rum is not an issue.

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Because of the love of people for hot battered rum, a special unofficial holiday was created just for it. Such a holiday is called the Hot Buttered Rum Day. People do various activities during this day as a way to celebrate it. But of course, drinking with their friends comes at the top of the to do list.

History of the Hot-Buttered Rum Day

In the United States of America, the history of the hot buttered rum day can be traced back into the colonial days. In the 1650s, Jamaica began to import molasses from the Colonial America. In addition, New England started to open distilleries where the colonists began to add distilled rum into hot beverage such as nogs and toddies. With such combination, they were able to create hot buttered rum, eggnog, and more.

Making a hot buttered rum is not complicated at all. All you have to do is to mix in buttered rum butter with dark rum. The dark rum should be an aged rum that comes from a barrel and remained there for an extended period of time in order to create a more intense flavor of molasses. Hot Buttered rum also comes in a variety of flavors. There is a mild flavor and even a spicy one. People can also choose between light rum and dark rum for this alcoholic beverage.

Because of the popularity of hot buttered rum, people celebrate a holiday called the Hot Buttered Rum Day. It has become a popular holiday all over the world. And so, many people now celebrate this day in many different ways.

When is the Hot Buttered Rum Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on the 17th of January of each year. This means that next year, we can expect this holiday to be celebrated on Sunday 17th January.

Celebration of the Hot Buttered Rum Day

There is a varied set of activities conducted for the celebration of this special day. if you want some ideas on how you can max out your celebration of this day, then you should take a look at the list below.

Try New Mixes of Hot Buttered Rum

A really good idea on how you can celebrate this day is by trying out new mixed of hot buttered rum. You can perhaps look at online recipes or cookbooks that will guide you on how to make the best hot buttered rum. You can also perhaps rely on your own crafting and mixing skills in order to brew a really good hot buttered rum.

Drink Hot Buttered Rum in Your Favorite Place

If you don’t have time to make hot buttered rum at home perhaps because you are busy for the day, then you can just perhaps end the day by drinking hot buttered rum in a good bar. For sure, many bars will offer various kinds of hot buttered rum during the day as a way of participating in the unofficial holiday. It is also good to let your friends and family join you in the drink.

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Share Your Celebration on Social Media

You can also share your story about how you enjoyed the day on social media. You can use the hashtag #HotButteredRumDay to inform your followers and friends that you are joining in on the event.

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