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Holidays in Croatia - Holidays and observances in Croatia

Croatia is officially the Republic of Croatia. It is situated at the Adriatic Sea on the crossroad of Central and Southeast Europe. Flag of Croatia It shares its border with Hungary in Northeast, Slovenia in the Northwest, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Herzegovina in the Southeast, and Serbia in the East. The total area of Croatia is about 56,594 sq. Kilometers along with population consisting of over 4.28 million individuals.

Holidays in Croatia

New Year’s DayNova Godina
Three Kings DayBogojavljenje, Sveta tri Kralja
Easter MondayUskrs i uskrsni ponedjeljak
International Workers DayMedunarodni praznik rada
Corpus ChristiTijelovo. Second Thursday after Whitsun
Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Statehood Day,arks the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving DayMarks the end of the War of Independence in 1995
Assumption of MaryVelika Gospa
Independence DayMarks the day 1991 when Croatia ended all links with Yugoslavia
All Saints’ DayDan svih svetih
Christmas Day
St. Stephen’s DayCelebrated on 26th December
Boxing Day

New Year’s Day in Croatia

It is celebrated on 1st January according to Gregorian Calendar. It is also known as Nova Godina in Croatia, learn more…

Three Kings Day in Croatia

Three Kings Day in Croatia is celebrated eleven days (on the twelfth being January 06) after Christmas. This is the day when holy water sprinkled all over the house in order to “Ward off Evil”, learn more…

Easter Monday in Croatia

In Croatia, the Easter Monday is celebrated on Monday, April 05 by the Christian community. It is considered as the holy day, learn more…

International Worker’s Day in Croatia

Like the rest of the world, May 01 is celebrated as the international day of workers also known as “Labour Day”. It is public holiday t give tribute to the services of a worker, learn more…

Corpus Christi in Croatia

Thursday, June 03 is a Corpus Christi day in Croatia. The other names of the day are “Day of Wreath” and Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ, learn more…

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day in Croatia

Tuesday, June 22 is celebrated as the Anti-Fascist Struggle Day in Croatia. It is celebrated to remember the Anti-Fascist Struggle against the Italian and German occupying forces, learn more…

Statehood Day in Croatia

Friday, June 25 is celebrated as the Statehood Day in Croatia. It is a public holiday and celebrated to remember the independence in 1991, learn more…

Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day in Croatia

August 05 is celebrated as the Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day in Croatia. It is celebrated to remember the Croatian defenders who took part in the struggle of independence, learn more…

The assumption of Mary in Croatia

15 August is celebrated as the Assumption of Mary in Croatia every year. In the Christian community, this holy day is celebrated on the Christian conviction that God accepted the Virgin Mary into Heaven following her death, learn more…

Independence Day in Croatia

October 08, is celebrated as the Independence Day in Croatia every year. It is a national public holiday that is celebrated to remember the declaration of independence by Croatian Parliament, learn more…

All Saints’ Day in Croatia

November 01, is celebrated as All Saints’ Day in Croatia. It is also known as Dan svih svetih. It is purely a Catholic belief that All Saints’ are Living in Heaven and know everything about earthly events, learn more…

Christmas Day in Croatia

December 25, is celebrated as Christmas day in Croatia, just like all other countries of the world. Majority population adhere to Catholicism so, it’s a very special time for them, learn more…

St. Stephen’s Day in Croatia

December 26, is celebrated as St. Stephen’s Day in Croatia. It is public holidays when all institutes, back, government, and private sectors are closed, learn more…

Boxing Day Croatia

Just like the rest of the world, Boxing Day in Croatia is celebrated on 26th December. On this day servants received a Christmas Present, officially named as “Christmas Box”.

Fact and Figures about Croatia

Here are all the fact and figures about Croatia. Take look on the below article to know about them.

Capital of Croatia

The national capital of Croatia is Zagreb. It is the largest city of the country which is situated along the Sava River in the North-western region of the country. In , the estimated population of this city is about 810,003.

President of Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is the current president of Croatia who is serving as the fourth president and elected in 2015, on February-19. This 46 years old lady is the youngest lady president of this country.

Prime Minister Croatia

Prime Minister in Croatia is also referred to as the President of the Government of Croatia. Mr. Andrej Plenković is serving as the current Prime Minister. He is the serves as the Head of the government and holds the most powerful office of state,

Population of Croatia

In 2017, the estimated population of Croatia was over 4.154 million which is equivalent to 0.05% of the total world’s population. It is ranked on 131st position in the most populated countries of the world.

Flag of Croatia

The current flag features a tri-color horizontal stripes design of red, white, and blue color along with the state symbol in the center of the flag.

Currency of Croatia

The official currency of Croatia is Croatian Kuna. The official code for the currency is HRK and most commonly used symbol is kn.

Religion of Croatia

Majority of its population related to Christianity in which 86.28% are Catholics, 4.44 Eastern Orthodox, and 0.34% are Protestants. While other 3.81% are irreligious and 1.47% are Muslims.

Dialing Code of Croatia

The international dialing code of Croatia is +385.

Crime Rate of Croatia

Croatia has a crime index 24.42 and safety index 75.58 in the world.

Famous Airports of Croatia

Croatia deals with many national and international flights. Some of the famous airports of Croatia are Franjo Tuđman Airport which serves Zagreb, Split Airport which serves Split, Dubrovnik Airport which serves Dubrovnik, Zadar Airport which serves Zadar, Pula Airport which serves Pula, Rijeka Airport which serves Rijeka, Osijek Airport which serves Osijek, Bol Airport which serves Brač, and Lošinj Airport which serves Lošinj.

Top Destinations of Croatia

Croatia is a country that is packed with stunning sceneries and extremely beautiful places that worth visiting. Some of the best places to visit here are Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes, Istria, Zagreb, and Hvar Town, the island of Hvar.

Area of Croatia

The total area of Croatia is 56,594 sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Croatia

In 2017, the estimated GDP of Croatia was 54.85 billion US dollars which is equivalent to 0.09% of the world’s total economy.

Sports of Croatia

Like many other European countries, football is the most popular sport here. Other sports such as Alpine Skiing, Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Beach Handball, Boxing, Chess, and Cycling are also played here.

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