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Romania National Great Union Day

1 December Great Union Day in Romania

Celebrated every year on December 1, Romania National Day or Great Union Day is a public holiday in Romania that commemorates the 1918 unification of Romania – made of Moldova and Wallachia at the time – with Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina regions.

Romania National Great Union Day

Nearly 100 years back, Romania was able to meet one of its best dreams – to combine all of the states in which the Romanians were in the majority with the Romanian Kingdom of the time. This special moment is today remembered as the Great Union of 1918 and celebrated annually on December 1 in Romania. Military parades and several other events are organized in towns across the nation with all eyes on the capital Bucharest and also the town of Alba Iulia – where the Great Union declaration was signed.

Other names for this holiday are: Romania National Day, 1 Decembrie Romania National Day, Unification Day, and Ziua Marii Uniri.

What Does Romania National Day Celebrate? – On 1st December 1918, over 100,000 Romanians gathered in the city of Alba Iulia, as they watched Romanian leader Vasile Goldis announce Romania’s unification. Under the rule of King Ferdinand I, the Old Romanian Kingdom combined with Transylvania and other neighboring lands, nearly doubling the size of this Eastern European country. Today Romanians spend this day in honor of this unification that happened 100 years back.

Romania National Day (Great Union Day)

A public holiday in Romania that commemorates the 1918 unification of Romania
When Celebrated:December 1st
The unification of Romanian Kingdom with Transylvania and other neighboring lands
Holiday Type:Public – National
Military Parades, Ceremonies, Festivals
Also Called:
Romania Unification Day, Ziua Marii Uniri

History of Romania National Day

Dates of Romania National Day

Celebrations & Activities

Things To Do On Romania National Day

Symbol Of Romania National Day

Interesting Facts about Romania National Day

Things To Do On Romania National Day

Happy Romania National Day Wishes

Happy Romania Great Union Day Greetings

Romania National Day Quotes & Sayings

History of Romania National Day

Romania’s National Day marks the nation’s unification in 1918. Romania’s full independence was established in 1878 but it wasn’t till December 1, 1918, in the city of Alba Iulia, when Romania – made of Moldova and Wallachia – was united by Transylvania, Crisana, Banat and the Maramures region.

The unification occurred in Alba Iulia, where the “declaration of unification” was read at a public event, attended by over 100,000 Romanians. The declaration was read by Vasile Goldis, a Romanian academician and politician.

Throughout the history of the Nation, the National Day of Romania was celebrated on the 10th of May, 23rd of August, and the 1st of December. December 1 was selected as the official date of Romania National Day, following the collapse of the Romanian Communist Party and Soviet in 1990.

Romania National Great Union Day

Dates of Romania National Day

Romania National Day is always celebrated on December 1st. This means that the upcoming Romania National or Great Union Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, December 1, – marking Romania’s 101st Union Day Anniversary since the declaration of unification in 1918.

Anniversary of Great Union
December 1Sunday
101st Anniversary
December 1Tuesday
102nd Anniversary
December 1Wednesday
103rd Anniversary
2022December 1Thursday
104th Anniversary
2023December 1Friday
105th Anniversary
2024December 1Sunday
106th Anniversary
2025December 1Monday
107th Anniversary

Celebrations & Activities

National Day is a public holiday in Romania with banks, public offices, and private businesses observing a day off. Speeches are made in Bucharest and Alba Iulia, the areas where the unification declaration was first read-out.

To commemorate Great Union Day, tens of thousands of proud Romanians brave the freezing temperatures and gather to watch tanks and military parades.

Romania National Great Union Day

Military parades are being arranged around the nation, the armed forces marching in their very best uniform and carrying the nation’s flag. Army bands combine the parade and the roads of the country echo from the special sounds and beats of the Romanian National Anthem and patriotic songs.

Normally, the ceremonies occur in the very first portion of the day, somewhere around noon becoming over. In Bucharest, the capital of the nation, you may see the biggest military parade of the country. The infantry, mounted drives, tanks, and several other military forces and vehicles march around the roads of the town, in an organized manner. It’s fairly spectacular to see all these military force departments and their advanced armory exhibited all at the same time.

Romania Great Union Day December 1

Following the parade, people gather with friends and family to celebrate together. They prefer to go shopping, spend some time with the family, meet for dinner, or perform any action to enjoy their holiday.

In the past several years, various city halls prefer to arrange concerts, game shows, and family festivals to celebrate the day.


The Romanian flag is raised and flown on National Day in Romania. The flag is a tricolor blue, yellow, red, with colors organized in vertical stripes of equal dimensions. The 3 colors represent 3 Romanian provinces — Wallachia (yellow ), Moldavia (red), and Transylvania (blue).

The National Anthem “Deşteaptă-te, române!” (Awaken thee, Romanian) is also performed. The anthem symbolizes unity, courage, and patriotism among Romanians.

Romania Great Union December 1 Day 1

Interesting Facts

  • Romania’s National Day or Great Union Day is a public holiday on December 1 to celebrate the unification of Romanian states.
  • The Union paperwork was signed at the town of Alba Iulia. The declaration was then read out openly to a massive audience of 100,000 Romanians in 1918.
  • During World War II, Romania lost control of Basarabia (present-day Moldova) and Bucovina in 1940, with the two areas being annexed by the Soviet Republic. A small portion of Transylvania was lost to Hungary and Cadrilater dropped to Bulgaria.
  • Romania gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.
  • Romania’s national day has moved around several times through recent years. Before 1918, the national day was observed on May 10th which marks Carol I’s entry into Romania in 1866 and his following declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. Throughout communist rule from 1944, the national day became August 23rd that indicated the overthrow of the fascist government in 1944. After the end of communist rule in 1990, December 1st has been officially designated as Romania’s National Day or Great Union Day.
Romania National Great Union Day

Things To Do On Romania National Day

  • Attend the country’s largest independence day parade in the capital city of Bucharest. Get a perfect charge of patriotism, seeing thousands of troops appearing through the parade as well as patriotic functions, cultural dances, display of armories, and speeches by the country’s heads.
  • Wear your national colors. It’s customary to wear the colors of the Romanian flag that signifies various states of Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania. Take out your yellow, blue and red.
  • Cook traditional Romanian dishes and share meals with community members.
  • Read a book or watch a documentary about Romania’s history, heritage, and culture.
  • Celebrate the day on social media by posting images of yourself in traditional colors, waving the flag and using hashtags like #GreatUnionDay, #RomaniaUnification, and #RomanianNationalDay.

Happy Romania National Great Union Day Wishes

  • As we celebrate our country’s independence, let us remember our ancient leaders who lost their lives at the struggle for the freedom we’re enjoying now. Have a Great Independence Day!
  • The future, advancement, and growth of our great nation don’t rely solely on technological progress but on how we construct social cohesion and trust between our country and its people. Let’s continue building a great nation. Happy Romania National Day!
  • Let’s be mindful of what we could do to help our country to help it become a place of prosperity, peace, and joy. Here’s wishing you and your family a happy and safe Romania Unification Day!
  • As we recall our national heroes now, let us renew our pledge to always maintain our national motto so that we could live together in peace and stability.
  • Again, it’s time for us to show other countries that we Romanians are fantastic people from a fantastic nation. Let us continue to work toward the prosperity and enhancement of our beloved Romania. Have an Excellent Independence Day!
Happy Romania National Day

Romania National Great Union Day Greetings

  • May the flag of our beloved Romania fly higher and higher every year as we mark the anniversary of our Great Union.
  • I’m honored and pleased to be part of a peaceful and free country. Here is wishing every Romanian – a happy Great Union Day.
  • This nation deserves your devotion not just on a particular day in this way but constantly. Have a fun bash!
  • If I’m given a chance to be born to this world, I’ll decide to live my life repeatedly in this fantastic nation full of joy, love, and prosperity. Happy December 1 Great Union Day Romania!
  • La multi ani, #Romania – Happy National Day, Romania! On December 1 this year, Romania not only celebrates its National Day but also marks 101 years since the 1918 Great Union – the major historical event that changed the country’s course in history.

Romania Great Union Day Quotes & Sayings

  • “Let justice be done, though the world perish.” — Ferdinand I
  • “We have a chance in the future only if we take our responsibility. Not anyone else come to give us good.” ― King Michael of Romania
  • “We can not have a future without respecting our past.” ― King Michael of Romania
  • “The most important things to be acquired for freedom and democracy, are identity and dignity.” ― King Michael of Romania
  • “Tomorrow’s world can not exist without morals, without faith and memory. Cynicism, narrow interests and cowardice must not occupy our lives.” ― King Michael of Romania
Happy Romania Great Union Day


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