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Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

Public holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a West Indian country in Americas which lies in eastern Caribbean Sea along with the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. This is an island nation comprising of two major island Antigua and Barbuda and number of small Islands such as Green, Great Bird, Guiana, Maiden, Long, and York Island. An estimated population in 2011 was almost 81,800. Being a part of the British Empire previously this country still belongs to British Common Wealth. The national Motto is: “Each Endeavouring, All Achieving”. Saint John’s, All Saints, Liberta, Potter’s Village, Bolans, Swetes, Seaview Farm, and Pigotts are the known cities. Either it’s a traditional or a national festival, the government of Antigua and Barbuda declare public holiday in all sectors.

Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

January 01New Year’s Day
April 02Good FridayFriday before Easter Sunday
April 05Easter MondayMonday after Easter Sunday
May 03Labour dayFirst Monday in May
May 24Whit MondayThe Monday after Easter
August 02J’ OuvertFirst Monday in August
August 03Last lapTuesday after First Monday in August
November 01Independence dayNational Day
December 09V.C, bird day
December 25Christmas day
December 26Boxing Day

Capital of Antigua and Barbuda

Saint John’s is the current capital and the largest port of Antigua and Barbuda. The total estimated population of this city is consisting of 22,634 individuals.

Trending of Antigua and Barbuda

This twin-island country has booming tourism growth. It is visited by almost 268,949 travellers in which is 8.75% more comparatively than in 2017. It has become the most valuable place for hotel investments.

President of Antigua and Barbuda

Mr John W, Ashe is the current President of Antigua and Barbuda who was elected in 2013 on June-14. Being the first Chairman of Executive Board of Clean Development he has served for many governing bodies in major UN’s environmental agreements

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda

Mr. Gaston Browne is the current Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda who was elected in 2014 on June-13. He was a banker and a businessman before starting his political career.

Population of Antigua and Barbuda

In 2017, the estimated population on Marh-06 was 103,749. Among populated countries, it is ranked on 200th number.

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

The current flag was adopted in 1967 on February-27. It has a horizontal tri-colour design consisting of black, blue and white colour along two red scalene triangles on the outer side.

Currency Antigua and Barbuda

The Easter Caribbean Dollar is the official currency, the official code is XCD and most commonly used symbol is $.

A religion of Antigua and Barbuda

The estimated calculation of most reliable source Census in 2001 the 74% of the total populations is Christian while the other remaining population includes over 1,000 Rastafarians, over 200 Muslims, over 200 Hindus, 30 Jews, and approximately 50 Bahai.

Dialing code of Antigua and Barbuda

The dialling code of Antigua and Barbuda is +1.

Crime rate of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda has crime index 67.28 and safety index 32.72 in the world.

Crime RatesIndex NumberComments
Crime Level100.00Very High
Crime Increasing Rate in Past 3 Years75.00High
Thing stolen & Home Broken cases75.00High
Being Mugged & Robbed cases50.00Moderate
Car stolen cases50.00Moderate
Thing from car stolen cases68.75High
Being Attacked worries43.75Moderate
Being insulted worries37.50Low
Being attacked based on Religion & colour worries50.00Moderate
Using & Dealing in Drugs Cases68.75High
Property Crimes62.50High
Violent Crime such as Armed Robbery68.75High

Famous Airports of Antigua and Barbuda

There are only three operational airports in Antigua and Barbuda lying between the coast of Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  The V.C, Bird International Airport serves St, John’s, Barbuda Codrington Airport serves Codrington, Coco Point Lodge Airstrip is a private one which serves Coco Point.

Area Antigua and Barbuda

The total area of this island nation is 440 sq. Kilometers.

GDP of Antigua and Barbuda

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017, was 1.52 billion US dollars which represent the 0.01% of the total world’s economy,

Sports of Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda are hugely influenced by European games. As a matter of fact, the Cricket is the most loved sport and many players also played in West Indies International Cricket Team.

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