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Public Holidays in Albania Year

Public Holidays in Albania Year

Albania is an independent republic in south-eastern Europe. It is officially called the Republic of Albania. This country is on the coat of Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea in the southwest and the Adriatic Sea in the west, also it shares its border with Kosovo, Greece, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. With the area of 28748 sq Kilometers, it has a total population of over 2 million in which Muslims are 55%, and others are 23% Eastern Orthodox and 15% Roman Catholic.

Holidays List Albania

Tirana is the national capital and other important cities are Elbasan, Vlora, and Durrës. It is sub-divided in 12 counties, 36 Districts, 373 municipalities. The national language is “Albanian”.

Holidays and Observances in Albania

New Year’s DayNational holiday
New Year’s Day (Day 2)National holiday
Valentine’s DayObservance
Mothers’ DayObservance
Summer DayNational holiday
March EquinoxSeason
Nevruz DayNational holiday
Daylight Saving Time startsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
Good FridayObservance
Holy SaturdayObservance
Easter SundayNational holiday
Easter MondayObservance
Orthodox Good Friday(Orthodox)Observance
Easter Saturday (Orthodox)Observance, Orthodox
Easter Sunday (Orthodox)National holiday, Orthodox
Easter Monday (Orthodox)Observance, Orthodox
International Worker’s DayNational holiday
Eid al-FitrNational holiday
June SolsticeSeason
Fathers’ DayObservance
Feast of the SacrificeNational holiday
Mother Teresa Beatification DayNational holiday
September EquinoxSeason
Daylight Saving Time endsClock change/Daylight Saving Time
Flag and Independence DayNational holiday
National Youth DayNational holiday
December SolsticeSeason
Christmas EveObservance
Christmas DayNational holiday
New Year‘s EveObservance

Capital of Albania

Tirana is the national capital. This city is surrounded by mountains and hill, and located in the center of Albania. The total estimated population of this city is 37,5000.

Trending of Albania

Being rich with cultural heritage this county is visited by many tourists annually. Also, the wrestling, weightlifting, and shooting are one of the most trending sports in Albania.

President of Albania

Ilir Meta is the current president of Republic of Albania and elected in 2017 on 24-July. The Albanian President is Head of the State, Military Commander-in-chief and representative of Albanian unity.

Prime Minister of Albania

Edi Rama is the current Prime Minister of Republic of Albania and elected in 2013 on 15-Sep. Prime Minister serves as a head of government and the most powerful person in politics.

Population of Albania

Albania has a total population of 2.873 million. 55% of the total population is Muslim and the other 23% and 15% are Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic respectively.

Albanian Flag

The national flag is of red color with a double-headed eagle in the center. The double-headed eagle represents the sovereignty and the red color represents the bravery.

Albanian Currency

The national currency of Albania is lek. The official code for currency is ALL and commonly use symbol is L.

Religion of Albania

The national religion of Albania is Islam because the 55% population is Muslim.

Dialing Code of Albania

The dialing code of Albania is +335.

Crime Rate in Albania

Albania has crime index 39.59 and safety index 60.41 in the world.

Crime RatesIndex NumberComments
Crime Level42.86Moderate
Crime Increasing Rate in Past 3 Years44.92Moderate
Thing stolen & Home Broken cases37.40Low
Being Mugged & Robbed cases35.96Low
Car stolen cases38.46Low
Thing from car stolen cases39.04Low
Being Attacked worries28.05Low
Being insulted worries32.12Low
Being attacked based on Religion & colour worries18.13Very Low
Using & Dealing in Drugs Cases47.66Moderate
Property Crimes41.02Moderate
Violent Crime such as Armed Robbery39.45Low

Airports of Albania

There are 3 very famous airports of Albania which are Tirana International Airport which serves Tirana city, Kukës Airport which serves Kukës city, and Vlorë International Airports which serves Vlorë city.

Top Destinations of Albania

This country is one of the most beautiful in the world. There are some awesome things to do are Hike Theth to Valbona, visit Rozafa Castle in Shkoder, Drink Bear in Rotating Bear Bar in Tirana, and visit Museum in Abandoned Bunker.

Rozafa Castle in Shkoder Aamir iqbal

Area of Albania

The total Area of Albania is 28,748 Sq Kilometers which is approximately equal to 11,100 sq miles.


Football is one of the most popular sports in Albania, but many other sports such as volleyball, basketball, handball, weightlifting, tennis, boxing, wrestling, judo, and athletic table tennis are also played here.

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