Food Holiday Calendar- Day Finders

There’s a food holiday for all the 365 days of the year — including more than just one Pizza Day or a Doughnut Day. Thanks to the Food Holiday Calendar by DayFinders, each one these fun food holidays are now much simpler for us to keep tabs on. In case you’re searching for an excuse to cheat on your diet plan, we’ve got just the thing!

January  Food Holidays

16 January Fig Newton Day
17 January Hot-Buttered Rum Day

February  Food Holidays

5 February World Nutella Day
9 February Pizza Day
12 February Plum Pudding Day

March Food Holidays

1 March Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
6 March Oreo Cookie Day
7 March Crown Pork Day
30 March World Idli Day

April Food Holidays

2 April Burrito Day
4 April Carrot Day
13 April Herb Day
17 April Malbec Day
22 April Jelly Bean Day

May Food Holidays

6 May Beverage Day
13 May Hummus Day
17 May World Baking Day
28 May Burger Day

June Food Holidays

1 June Milk Day
2 June Rocky Road Day
2 June Rotisserie Chicken
3 June Chocolate Macaroon Day
4 June Cheese Day
5 June Moonshine Day
6 June Applesauce Cake Day
7 June Doughnut Day
7 June Chocolate Ice Cream Day
10 June Iced Tea Day
11 June German Chocolate Cake Day
11 June Corn On The Cob Day
12 June Peanut Butter Cookie Day
16 June Fudge Day
17 June Eat Your Vegetables Day
18 June Sushi Day
20 June Ice Cream Soda Day
20 June Kouign Amann Day
20 June Vanilla Milkshake Day
21 June Peaches N’ Cream Day
25 June Catfish Day
25 June Bomb Pop Day
26 June Chocolate Pudding Day
28 June Ceviche Day
28 June Tapioca Day

July Food Holidays

1-30 July Ice Cream Month
6 July Fried Chicken Day
9 July Sugar Cookie Day
12 July Michelada Day
14 July Cow Appreciation Day
13 July French Fries Day
17 July Hot Dog Day
18 July Caviar Day
19 July Daiquiri Day
21 July Ice Cream Day
22 July National Penuche Day
23 July Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24 July Tequila Day
28 July Milk Chocolate Day
29 July Chicken Wing Day
30 July Cheesecake Day

August Food Holidays

2 August Beer Day
2 August Ice Cream Sandwich Day
3 August Watermelon Day
3 August Mustard Day
10 August S’Mores Day
14 August Creamsicle Day
16 August Rum Day
20 August Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
21 August Spumoni Day
24 August Waffle Day
31 August Eat Outside Day

September Food Holidays

25 September Lobster Day

October Food Holidays

1 October International Coffee Day
2-4 October Neath Food & Drink Festival
10 October Porridge Day
11 October Sausage Pizza Day
11 October World Egg Day
18 October Chocolate Cupcake Day
22 October National Nut Day
24 October Bologna Day
25 October Greasy Foods Day

November Food Holidays

1 November Vinegar Day
1 November Vegan Day
1 November Calzone Day
4 November Candy Day
9 November National Greek Yogurt Day
23 November National Cashew Day
25 November Parfait Day
26 November World Cake Day

December  Food Holidays

4 December Cookie Day
12 December Gingerbread House Day
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